2011(When Election Thrusts Again) – #ChallengeMe Contest

Prompt #2

The only thing changed last four years was the year, 2011. The stories did not neither do the headlines: Many killed, lot more wounded and many lot more arrested as election ends in violence.

The news carried no seriousness. For nobody showed no care, not even the most tiniest of it. You know, for you perceived it.

It was on one of those Sunday’s when Pastor Okonkwo truncated the sermon and said, lets pray for the brethren in the North. But instead of praying, the people looked him with this reminiscent face that said, “this is Nigeria…” It was then it stream down your spine; nobody cares, nobody cares!

You could remember throwing stones the night the loosing party rolled into your settlement. The people made you throw stones. For like Esau, they coveted for a fragment of the gifts and money the losing party came with. It was stones of caution you threw: “sell your stomach, sell your dignity.” But the people did not mind the sermon nor the messenger neither did they complain if it was a fragment they drooled for.

Besides, rumours were spreading – “Oil is falling, oil is falling; Prices would sky, prices would sky”. And man’s worst enemy the elders say, is fear. This time, the fear of the unknown.

It was also on that same night the loosing party’s aspirant sang a song. This song:

Cast me your vote, and there shall be no more blackout;

Neither bribery, nor corruption.

Neither shall they be any trace of insurgency;

For I shall wipe away the old things.

The winning party were quiet, but just as you always say: “to be quiet is to be tactical,” the winning party proved that. For weeks after, your street were flooded with posters, posters written: For eligibility and competence, vote for the winning party. And for many days or so, the radio stations played one jingle – the winning party’s jingle, nothing else.

On the Election Day, the people trooped out trading votes for gifts with the loosing party. Though the process were free and fair, the results was the usual – the winning party were declared the winner. (Nobody in any way expects the winning party to lose. That is why they are the winning party. They always win).

The loosing party were not going to accept defeat, not in this manner. They were going to make some noise. After all, to be deprived of anything is to be violent, they said – “gather the youths, give them more gifts!” To whom much is given, is much not expected?

Then you saw the youths puddle, taking up sticks and fuel and stones and sang, “we no go gree.o!” And headed towards the state secretariat. The forces intercepted, you heard. And It was in the morning you saw it: Many killed, lot more wounded and many lot more arrested as election ends in violence.

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  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Hey, I don’t think you fully understood what prompt #2 asked for. A period in time translates to a historical period in time from our past… example: slavery, the Nazi genocide and oh even the time where by twins where killed in Nigeria would have also worked.

  2. Well, @ufuomaotebele has just plagiarized my thoughts.

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