Whenever she walked downtown
The people in water, their faces drown
A calm disposition from crown to sole
Passing by you, doomed is your soul

So admirably favored by her looks
Thought impossible none could have her looks
Even the young Eves dreamt of her place
So much illusion that has doomed this phase

For beauty, we chose her a twin to royalty
Always impossible, she couldn’t feign loyalty
Never cautious enough to hide her shame
Though she struggled between that and fame

For she lived between the thighs of Adam
Swinging in pseudo bliss in his arms
Never for once pondered on her indulgence
Schooled but paid no attention to the consequence

All seemed to be well for this lady
Until now, her life has been rough and shady
She always thought she would carry a baby
She’s been denied, she’s already a carrier

Now shattered and hopelessly drained
Always in tears as on whose face it rained
For fear of the unknown and future dread
Begged to be numbered amongst the dead

Indeed, she was once a beauty
A rare proof of nature’s creativity
A bitter-sweet life that parted over
Was a murderer to her soul and another

One thought on “Wasted…” by Bishop Gideon (@gmoney)

  1. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Hmmm deep. Beauty doesn’t last forever. Be wise so that you don’t put yourself in trouble

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