Time Like Now

Time Like Now

My mind is blank,

I really do not know what to write.

Its not surprising

as I really do not know how I feel.


The inability to put expression

to my emotions takes on a new dimension.

The inability to break out and be the man I want to be

at a time like now is stifling.


As soulful melodies waft through

the night’s sky,

my hands, my fingers, my heart

suddenly find their rhythm.


Like a man at the break of dawn

each rise to pick where it has left off.

The atmosphere is so dull,

the mood so odd.


The situation is not encouraging,

happiness now seems left in memories past.

Responsibilities at crossroads with capabilities

weigh me down fast.


Concentration returns as serenity is restored.

The breeze moves slowly

but steadily;

quickly stirred by its mechanism.


All around life has given birth

to expression, which as yet,

remains undetermined in its right

to take control of your destiny.


Destiny is laid out to be grasped,

to be seized by the people

for whom it was meant to be;

Gloom and despair now reign supreme.


Men shuffle about trance like;

Unknowingly but obviously under hypnosis,

in oppression, in pain, in hunger

in starvation, inflation and degradation.


Negativity has us hypnotized,

making us unable to see the prize,

let alone set focus

as we try to get a locus.


For all our innate members,

instability continues to rage,

insecurity continues to rape

a virgin continent, a virgin people.


Indeed, this lack of expression

is born out of a lack of life;

a lack of rights, rights to life, rights to breathe

and the right to die when one’s maker so chooses.


All around me, I see not shine

as I strive to hold all that’s mine;

the lack of life, a life to give.

For at a time like now, this life was born.

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