She finished lashing the diaper.

‘I wonder if DK is married now. He used to be such a hunk!’ Baby replied with a coo-coo. She smiled at baby.

‘Jumai was my best friend then. We used to be the cool kids, all the girls wanted to be us.’ She leaned in to kiss baby.

‘I was such a fool to have dated Jake as a senior. He was popular though, but my heart really belonged with Jacob Abati. He was one cute little kiddo.’

She laughed then. Throaty and absent-minded.

This reunion, after ten years, was one she had mixed feelings about. First because she had just given birth three months before and still had the overfed nanny look she so detested. Second because facing the past was ripping up old wounds.

‘I can’t bear the thought of seeing him again. I can’t.’ Baby’s eyes were closed now, a smile on her face.

She stood up and walked to her bed.

‘You had to tell all that to baby, didn’t you?’ Her husband’s voice came with a boom and a chuckle.

She giggled. ‘I thought you were asleep, Mr Abati.’

‘You thought wrong, ma’am.’ He pulled her to his side and gave her a forehead kiss. ‘The reunion will be fine, trust me.’

‘How can you be so sure?’

‘I called the Bursar today. He said Colonel Usman died almost a year ago.’

‘Really?’ she said enthusiastically. Then she remembered to not speak ill of the dead, even when he was a dark-hearted monster of an admin officer who offered lethal strokes without restraint. ‘Oh, that’s sad!’

‘It’s not, honey. Finally, you can walk through those gates without fearful thoughts of your nemesis. Now sleep, and dream of cute Jacob Abati’ he said with a wink.

‘You’re so vain.’

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  1. Short and nice, made me smile.

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    Lol so cute I had to laugh. Excellent flash piece

  3. Emmanuel Ezeagwu (@Ezeagwu)

    ‘You’re so vain.’ Cute ending for such an unpretentious piece.

    This is the sort of story that captures your attention to the very end.

    It is noticeably more mature than the last post, and your use of language here is much more profound and elaborate, that it conveys the nuances of a dignified sense of seriousness out of an otherwise simple story. And this is the job of a creative writer. Excellent work!

    The story, though complete in itself, begs for more, what with the several names mentioned, and the recollection of the pasts. It would fare much better as a novel, novella or short story at the very least.

    Like I said in the last review, I look forward to reading more of your works. You are a promising writer.

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