Your Presence; My Plea

Your Presence; My Plea

Warm breeze, swaying trees,
The sun is dimmest when you smile.
Twilight songs, faint goodnight,
The moon rejects its lustre by reason of your gait.

Why are there stars above?
Why do the roses bud still?
Do not the stars grow weary from defeat,
Or the roses bow and wither at your stride?

In the grey between dusk and dawn,
You appear in untouched grace.
When i wake, the reality of your charm
Belies the yearnings of the night.

The twinkle in your eye
Sprout dainty clovers.
And the warmth of your laughter
Keeps winter at bay.

The air you conjure
Beds my admiration.
You’ve engulfed me in your grace,
And loosed me from the reel of solitude.

I no longer grope for freedom
Thoughts of you lights my way
You offer me free reins to hope;
A free will to love.

For the love of a greater love
You crumbled my fort,
Then tethered my walls with your imperfections.
Once graceless, now, you bring me to the green banks of finesse.

Healed by the ocean in your depth,
Lost in the abysm of your wealth.
I beseech for nothing more,
Than to share that grace under a very blue sky.

6 thoughts on “Your Presence; My Plea” by Iwundu Wisdom (@Litera-wise)

  1. Beautiful. This is just beautiful. Created lots of mental images.
    Good job @litera-wise

    1. @Roy-journals, I cannot thank you enough for reading. Bless your heart. Bless your pen.

    1. @danjuma, thanks for reading. I appreciate much.

  2. Horlhart (@Olarinoye54)

    I can read,read and read this over and over,yet wouldn’t get enough.
    This is good!

    1. Oh, that was touching @Olarinoye54. Thank you so much for reading.

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