And There Was A Place

As the white ocean of cloud drift above

On a path that was once strewn with green leaves

There exists a place

Basking in the aura of luciousness

A place people move with much gaity

Where serenity is never eked out

A place that hath a darkness

Brighter than the blazing noon

A place where joy is never eclipsed by tragedy

Where the residents eyes glisten with joy

Where they all brittle with eagerness

Snap back to reality

Awakened from stark fantasy

Back then there was

And now there is

Now, that place hath welcome a stranger

Bringing rancour which pervades their lives

Snatching every vestige of their dignity

Fetching dig deep into their reservoir of patience

Beaming out absolute rage with every smile

A place fraught with too many danger

I beheld with horror and disbelief

A place where the clammy air growled and quipped in fury

Their eyes strained by many sleepless nights

By a stranger

With vexation inscribed on his lineament

Seeing this

My eyes are dreary

Because no soothing lullabies

No romantic senerades

Can restore this place

As I mumbled tiredly


One thought on “And There Was A Place” by sholy29ice (@sholy29ice)

  1. @SHOLY29ICE. Sad piece, you did well in capturing the happiness that has turned to sorrow, I guess you are talking about boko haram and the terror they have unleashed on the innocent. Well done.

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