Phantom of a disturbed mind

Phantom of a disturbed mind

th955Z3KK3My heart ran at the thought of him. Thoughts I can’t just phantom. We had met through mutual friends- Mr & Mrs Bayou, who assumed we would be good for each other. Should I say they were right? He is a quiet dude who has a very simple principle for living, which is- life is too short. I, on the other hand, am petit and robust but my stubbornness and nagging temper made up for my small size. I didn’t know how deeply I had fallen for him until it was imminent I long to see him daily. How I had come to love him is still a misery to me because for a long time before now, the quest for true love had been my ultimate search. But at the time I met my GTB, I had to stop the search. Ooops! Wondering what GTB had to do with this? That isn’t Guarantee Trust Bank but an acronym coined from Gap-Toothed Buddy. Till date, his gap tooth fascinates and adorns my entire imagination each time I close my eyes.

We became fond of each other, I had gone home with him to meet his parents, and we had started making plans of how to spend our happily-ever-after-life together until I was struck by a strange illness that resulted into a surgery. The surgical stomach operation was a success. But alas! That phase herald the beginning of us tearing apart. He kept me at arm’s length while I kept pondering on how he could bother less about my health challenges. My eyes became wet at the ‘yet-sight’ of him; sight that became strange suddenly. My entire thought of him became a huge carrier bumping up and down with forlorn hope.

I summoned up courage to break the silences that had enveloped our love as I invited him to a date. I had wondered with palpitation how my welcome party would be; with open or closed arms. The confluence state of my mind was left with two options – Run or Flee.

He stood me up for hours; the long hours and miles stretched afar and glimpse with a telescope. Nervousness and anxiety set in as the sun would rise. He arrived looking sorry; he said hi with a broad smile exposing part of his dentition thereby releasing a dash of his gap-tooth; that caught my fancy once again *winks*. I wish I could hold him close for him to feel how my heart was beating as fast as.

“Let’s give it a break… yerh! I don’t want to let you go but also don’t want to tie you down while I sort myself out….” he reeled out those words after many pleas as he kept mum.  I looked askance as though it was someone else that spoke. Fear clothed me instantly. Reality dawn on me, I felt my world crumbling. I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t utter any response but rather I summoned-up courage to leave. I called the date so I could walk away; I thought.  He held my hands and drew me to his bosom. “Baby, please lemme go!” I nagged. I knew it would come to this as he refused to say what was on his mind. “I only said a break” he retorted.

I knew he was crazy and out of his mind when he said “while waiting for me, if another guy comes along; please don’t hesitate to… I couldn’t withstand the sh*t coming out of his vocal cavity, there is no point in listening to the concluding part of that sentence. Thus, I strolled along the unknown path I threaded that night. He ran after me as a cheetah going for the kill. He beckoned on me to wait but I declined. My mind was made up already to let go. I’m convinced within me that we don’t stand a chance in any short or long break (as he claimed giving it a break isn’t total break-up). Maybe it’s wiser for me to walk away and love again with my tender heart…. maybe we were meant to part that way…. maybe I’ll look back and understand someday. All the dreams I nurtured about my *Mr Right* has become a wishful thinking…. Now I’ve got to let go!


5 thoughts on “Phantom of a disturbed mind” by Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

  1. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    I love this character she has conviction.

    Ok so in this piece there are parts where you try so hard to be descriptive it almost starts not to make sense For example you say miles stretched afar and glimpse with a telescope. I’m not sure if you left out a few words or If it’s what you meant to say.

    In another part u say 2 options run or flee… it seems those are the same exact thing technically making it her only option.

    it should be mystery to me and not misery to me

    And reality dawned on me not dawn on me.

    I like this piece it just needs some corrections

  2. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    Am kinda lost here. I am trying to figure out what caused the break – up. Did she lose her beauty or something., its not explicitely revealed in the story. I would really appreciate it Ronke if you can give me a clearer picture. Thanks .

  3. @shovey, I had the same question that @thaprince had too about what caused the break up. In fact, I felt that in covering the entire duration of the relationship, the story tried to cover too much and left out a lot.

    For a story of this brevity, it would have been better if you focused on the breakup scene.

  4. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    @ivie9ja I so much appreciate ur corrections, that was awesome. thanks a bunch. @thaprince and @TolaO the lady didnt lose her beauty, the dude only used her health issue as an excuse to stop seeing her. As a matter of fact, he didnt tell her the reason for quiting, he only told her that he needed the break in order to sort himself out (of what he couldnt explain).Thus she got the conviction Thanks for taking your time to read this piece.

  5. Aren’t you suppose to support someone you claim to love when they’re sick?, hmm he used it as excuse to quit

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