Pentagon Of Sisters 5

Crystal ran all the way home, she didn’t even stop to take a cab. She ran into her living room and went straight to their bar, She took out a jack daniels drink and she gulped it down her throat. She was still shaking and breathing heavily from her encounter with the drug baron when her mother walked in.

“What are you doing, girl” her mother asked

She couldn’t say anything, she just stared at her mother thinking maybe she should confide in her but before she could open her mouth to talk. Her mother moved close to her and slapped her.

“You are a disgrace to the Benson family, how can you be drinking at this time of the day when your mates her out there working, I’m really disappointed in you, Now get the hell out of here”.

Crystal was so shocked about her mothers’ outburst, She just drop the drink on the table and ran to her room. Stephanie who was at the door witnessed the whole thing. She ran after her sister but before she could get to her, Crystal had already locked her door.

“Open the door, crystal” She banged at her door. “Go away” came the reply.

“You know mummy doesn’t mean that , she is just watching out for you” She shouted, still banging at her door.

“just go away, I don’t wanna talk about it” came the reply again.

“I will leave you, if you promise me you won’t do anything stupid” Stephanie said calmly.

“you think am going to kill myself, am a coward, Just go away” Crystal screamed from her room.

“Are you sure, am just worried” Stephanie said calmly

“what do you care, just go away” came the replied again.

Stephanie sighed, she was really worried about her sister but she have a date with Tunde, so she couldn’t spend all day waiting at her door. ‘Please don’t do anything stupid’ but no reply came so she left the door.

Crystal was crying on her bed, she was so angry at everybody especially her mum. She knew Stephanie was just trying to help but she doesn’t want to talk to anybody. Then she remembered the card the man left in her pocket. She took it out and dialed the number written on it.

“Hello” came the husky voice at the other end. She recognized the voice immediately.

“Erm…erm…erm…its crystal” she stammered.

‘I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon” replied the husky voice.

“I’m in” crystal said, still shaking

“Good girl, I know I could count on you, come and see me at my office tomorrow, I will text you the address”

“Thank you sir, Can I ask your name, sir”

“Bisi Lacota” came the reply and the line went off.

6 thoughts on “Pentagon Of Sisters 5” by stephanie (@stephethel)

  1. Beginning of trouble.
    Mummy should have calm down though seeing daughter gulping down jack Daniels ain’t funny.

    1. stephanie (@stephethel)

      yea, you are right@ameenaedrees, Thanks for reading !!!

  2. Rekiya Adeshina (@Raykeeyah)

    Kai, wahala dey

    1. stephanie (@stephethel)

      Serious wahala, lol@raykeeyah, Thanks for reading

  3. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Oh this one was a tease it was too short nah. :-)

    1. stephanie (@stephethel)

      @ivie9ja, lol, Don’t worry the next part will be longer. Thanks for reading !!!

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