Craving Hope (III)

Gabrielle Rosenfeld was being taken to a holding room as Ubaka and Ike completed the arrest report. Reporters screamed questions from the entrance door, and flashlights went off like fireworks in the dark as she made her way through the information mongers. The station sergeant shut the connecting doors after she had moved on, cutting … Continue reading Craving Hope (III)

How A Single Man Can Have The Best Of Both Worlds

Warning: The contents of this post are purely satirical. The Best Of Both Worlds. This is free but simple advice to all single men who are afraid of tying the knot. I’m going to prove to you that being a married man doesn’t mean you have to surrender your freedom or make those arduous sacrifices … Continue reading How A Single Man Can Have The Best Of Both Worlds

Don’t Die a Virgin

(My Terrorism Journal) Don’t die a virgin, terrorists are waiting for you in heaven. I am every terrorist’s wet-dream girl. I have big, wide and beautiful/lovely/lustrous eyes, like pearls, just the way the Quran says in Surat Al-Wāqi`ah 56:22 – 23. I am tall, baby-faced (what the Hadith calls eternally young), complexion like that of … Continue reading Don’t Die a Virgin

The Summons (Epilogue)

Mama’s funeral dragged through a whole week. Within this time, we spent our days entertaining condolence visits, noisy women who felt the need to cry to make up for their absence when she was alive, and the inevitable awkwardness that came with our charade of a loving family. The burial was done in Mama’s hometown, … Continue reading The Summons (Epilogue)