Illusion Episode 8

6:12pm December 8, 2013 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. David sat close to the television set. With keen interest, his eyes followed the fast-moving visual feedback. And his thumbs swiftly alternating the buttons of the gamepad in his hand. David knew he could now freely engage himself in repeated battles against the villains, only … Continue reading Illusion Episode 8

Eru ti Ife – Ashes of Love 2

The first wad of spit landed on her left foot. Eru hissed and quickly washed it off with the remnants of the soapy water. She took a deep breath and tried to recall Remi’s instructions. Sucking in her stomach, she puffed out her chest like a peacock, swirled her tongue round the innards of her … Continue reading Eru ti Ife – Ashes of Love 2