You Are Not Alone

You are not alone
I am here for you
Even when you don’t notice me
You howl alone in silence
And music became your best friend
I wish you could let me in.

All along I sat beside you
As I saw the pains u try to hide
People no longer underatand who you are
Even you can’t define yourself
You can’t tell it to anyone but God
Memories of your past hunt your cool mind,
Got no one to blame for it
And sometimes u ask yourself “why me?”
U felt nature cheated on you
But I am here for you.

This is not the time to point fingers
I can feel your grief
becos I share your blood
You don’t have to wail alone
I am here for you.

Hold my hands like you used to
Together, we walk this stormy waters
Let our face mirror on every streaming light
And our life reflect on the Benjamin’s,
Lets create our own world.

I just hope u still remember me
I am that little boy you taught how to walk
You showed me what life was
I learnt from your mistakes
So that I wont concede to same
I love you and wont let you through this journey alone
I just hope u still remember the true me.
Just want to let u know I am here if u need me.

2 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone” by oluwole olalekan (@lakemacaulay)

  1. @LAKEMACAULAY. This is really a sad poem but written beautifully. I can feel the victims pain.

  2. (@danjuma) thanks for the comment

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