Letters To My Will Of God

Letters To My Will Of God

So much fills my heart for you
Talk about last night- gently knocking my door
Was the text you sent me, talking of how dear i was to you
This is the icing on the cake
’cause thinking of you alone rocks my boat
i wake up in the morning shine to the rhythms of your care
Surrounding me like the blankets of the night
Is the aura of you personality
Many basic things in life we have no decision
like the Nationality of our birth, the type of parents we have
The state we represent…..
But my choice of you is real
One in a billion musing daily about your virtues
Can only make me productive more and more
If anything seems impossible to do is to stop loving you
My love for you is purple with a reddish tinge
A curious blend of creativity and raw passion
Day by day, after moment by moment
Brings me innovative ways to rejuvenate the pursuits
Of our dreams.
Never forget to call me daily
The reward far outweighs any financial implicit incurred
And of course i would repay without thinking
The literati calls it impulse, i call it response
’cause in this planet of our shared emotions.
I am the chief receptionist
Always ready to attend to every need
And together in collective fashion
We’ll d heal the world of any ills
Unbroken by the crushing dangers of the North
our southern rain of mercy is able
Potent to quench any inferno
Challenging the counsel of God on earth

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  1. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Nice though the title confuses me a bit

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