Her Husband’s Fate

Prompt #3

Dusk fell upon a building in Ariya Street somewhere in Lagos.

Inside a room in the building, a lady slipped out of bed to brew evening coffee. After coffee, she walked to her 2-storied balcony looking onto the street.

Not many stalls were still opened for business.

Ahead, a ray of light appeared. She watched it glow, then diminish. She was never used to this high-profile locale she lived in. It was probably a new movie been shot. She peered closely, sighting a band of people surrounded by tripods, boom poles and camcoders. Definitely, a new movie.

She knew her unfamiliarity was worsened by her husband’s six-month old death.

She caressed her light-skinned face, cursing the sudden memory.

Seun had been a lawyer, like her. Tall and dark, he’d attracted her when they’d first met at UNIBEN. Inevitably, they’d married. Through the seven months their union lasted, she loved nothing more than the way he’d say ”Linda, i’m home” everyday he returned from work.

One evening, she hadn’t heard those words. They’d found his body the next day, bullets in his head. A witness said he was used for cover by a robber running from cops.

She waved off the memory, but not before she heard her mother-in-law’s last words: ”As my son died, so will you.”

She didn’t think about it. Instead, she went inside to dress.

She’d to visit Shade, her fellow widow, before the night came alive with night robbers.

* * *

Linda locked her door, headed downstairs. She heard nearing footfalls behind her the moment she entered the now-empty street.

She turned. An arm grabbed her neck, spinning her to face a yelling cop. Hard metal pressed to the side of her head. Her resolve fell.

A gun!

”Drop your weapon!” the cop yelled past her.

”I’ma blow her brains if you move,” the man said, pressing the gun harder.

The distance was easy to cover, but bullets moved faster. The cop didn’t consider that as he charged forward.

Idiot, she thought.

The cop approached. One step. Two.

The gun clicked beside her ear. She shivered, lips unmoving. She only remembered her mother-in-law’s words, then shut her eyes in resignation.

It sounded like nothing she had ever heard.


It was another voice. She opened her eyes to see a man approaching the scene, and another holding a black-and-yellow board behind cheering folks.

The robber released his grip and walked to the cop. Pocketing their weapons, they both approached her, too.

Nothing had ever shocked Linda so. She switched confused gazes from one man to another. The other man stopped before her.

”Sorry. Shooting a new movie. Had this scene we needed real emotions of fear for,” he paused. His tag boasted ‘Director’. ”Who fits better than a real passer-by?” he asked, smiling.

Linda couldn’t believe her ears. All this, a scene for a movie?

Feeling colour return to her face, she gave the director a soft smile and a hard slap to his face.

19 thoughts on “Her Husband’s Fate” by Iwundu Wisdom (@Litera-wise)

  1. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    wow! It’s so intriguing, who would have expected it would end the way it did. Bravo!

  2. Can you just imagine the nonsense! To give someone such high BP over your movie. Lol. That director tried it though. And I’d like to think that Linda’s slap was hard enough to reset his faculties. Nonsense and ingredients.

  3. @Shovey, thanks heaps. Your comments are warm to the senses :-). Thanks again.

  4. @sidhartha, loool. The slap surely would serve its purpose . . . and more, in light of the fact that ‘hell hath no fury than a woman tricked’. Thanks Cap’n for dropping a comment. *bows*

  5. luwizdrizzy (@luwizdrizzy)

    Lol,I jst can’t stop laughing,I was even suggesting (in my mind ooo) dat she should jst hit the guy with gun on his ball so dat he can loose his grip n the cop shoots him easily not knowing that it was just a movie,the director needed he slap tho

    1. @luwizdrizzy, lol. I’m sure you thought of that. But that’s what the writer wants you to think, i think. :-D. Thanks for reading. And yes, that director deserved the slap wella.

  6. Rekiya Adeshina (@Raykeeyah)

    Whaaaaaat! U got me there, I was already wishing that mother in law’s words should not come to pass o.
    Good job @Litera-wise

    1. Hahaha. I guess this served its purpose, lol. Thanks loads for reading @Raykeeyah

  7. Raegan (@gmoney)

    For a moment, I thought that the prophecy of her mother in-law was about coming to fruition i.e dying the way her husband did. Nice suspense

    1. Thanks for reading, @gmoney. You should enter the contest, trust me. Go to the blog’s homepage and scroll down till you get to the ‘Challenge Me’ article. Read the guidelines and bob’s your uncle. It’s for those ranked as Newbies and Beginners. Thanks.

  8. Folakemi Emem-Akpan (@Folakemi)

    the director deserved more than a slap. Were I the one, i most likely would have snatched the gun and shot him. nice work of suspense. You might be new to NS but you are definitely not a new writer.

  9. @Folakemi, thanks for your reflective comment. I really appreciate that. Well…erm…about shooting the director…erm…he was only doing his job na. Hahahaha. Should it have been me, i’ll pretend i understand, turn around and scream. :-D. Thanks, dear.

  10. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

    THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE……a widow wont smile if you did threaten her life 6 months after her husband’s death.
    Im still not sure why you chose the title anyway

  11. @Ugochuckwu, thank you so much for your detailed run-through. But is it a general fact that a widow really cannot smile after being threatened six months after her husband’s death, or does it differ by individual characters? Or is that just wholly what you think?

    Plus it wasn’t as if it was an ear-to-ear smile. The story said ”…a soft smile…”, soft could mean relieving, awkward, or any of its mild variation.

    And about the title, Linda (and most readers), for a moment there, very likely thought she was going to be dealt Her Husband’s Fate

    Thank you once again, Cap’n.

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      You ever lived with a widow? or knew one very intimately?
      Just asking though, loosing someone you’ve lived your whole life with isn’t something that washes out in 6 months, but again, I’m just saying!!

  12. Thank you so much @ugochuckwu. Reading again, you’ll see ”Through the seven months their union lasted…” They were only married for seven months. I appreciate that you find time to read this, Cap’n. Bless your pen. Be well.

  13. musite (@musite)

    yo, @litera-wise , I love this wella. The anti-climax and everything. Well served.

  14. Folakemi Emem-Akpan (@Folakemi)

    congrats. I am not surprised this made the short list

  15. majiri (@majiri)

    Lol actually I was afraid for the poor widow never knew it end up like this tho….keep the good work continue @litera-wise

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