Hell Of A Dinner

Prompt #1
‘Congratulations!’ My boss sings as he enters my office. ‘You killed it Maris! You killed it!’ he adds clapping and smiling. I’ve never seen my boss so excited before. I feign a smile not getting the reason for the whole drama.
‘Killed what sir?’ I ask.
He looks me over and says in a surprised tone; ‘The federal government contract of course!’
‘Oh!’ I say.’Congratulation to us!’ I quickly added with a smile.
‘You know what pumpkin? This calls for celebration. We wouldn’t have gotten this contract without your help.’ he says still smiling.
‘Am glad i could help.’ i say smiling. Just as he was about to leave he says ‘My wife and I would love to have you and your husband over for dinner tomorrow night.’ I’d wanted to say no but he’s my boss and that will be a slap to his face. My husband, Bode and I hardly get along ever since he lost his job. He’s either complaining of ‘this’ or ‘that’. Things got worse when i got promoted in my place of work. He nags about how I spend time with my laptop instead of him, how i hardly do his laundry these days,….nag, nag, nag. Inspite of his hurtful remarks, i do my best to ignore him. Still i can’t say no to my boss. ‘We’d love to’ I say with a smile.
At home i ask Bode if he’d accompany to my boss’ for dinner and to my utmost suprise, he says yes.
The next day, we drove down to my boss’ house. I try my best to look good and i made sure Bode does thesame. We were welcomed by our hosts. Mr Adekunle, my boss, and his wife were one of the best couples i know.. They’ve been together for twenty six years and had four children. You hardly see them argue or quarrel. I’ve been married for just two years and am almost running for the exit.
After we had dinner, our hosts served champagne. I stick to one glass but my husband doesn’t. After He’s had a third refill, i pat him on his shoulder and say in my most polite tone,’honey don’t you think you’ve had enough?’ He grims and says, ‘a man has got to drink away his sorrows.’ He’s drunk already. I guess it’s time tu call it a day.
‘Aren’t you the luckiest man on earth to have such a beautiful and intelligent woman as a wife?’ 0y boss says as he takes a sip of his drink. My drunk husband laughs. ‘I doubt that. Sometimes i wonder who she’s really married to, you or me?’ i tried to kick him but kicking sideways was never an easy task. My boss and his wife stare at us with horror boldly written on their faces. I sat speechless. Bode downs his drink and continues. ‘ Do you know that ever since i lost my job, Maris hardly cooks for me, she hardly help with my laundry. Do you know that my wife forgot my birthday? Today is my birthday and the woman i married forgot it. Maris is the greatest mistake of my life.’ he picks up his glass and say to Mrs Adekunle, ‘i’d love a refill ma’am.’ I wish the ground will open and swallow me.. I can i forget his birthday. I glance at the faces of our hosts. They stared an awe. Too embarrassed to speak, i sat still on my chair confused. It was a hell of a dinner.

7 thoughts on “Hell Of A Dinner” by PreciousO (@PreciousO)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    I enjoyed reading it. You stocked to the prompt and I loved the way you built up the story. Especially the beginning. Keep writing because only then can you learn. Your tenses were off but you can work on that. It didn’t take away much from the story.


  2. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Wow. At first I was angry at the husband but then at the end I was on his team lol. Nice. Try to proof read more on your next piece there were just a few errors. Keep writing

  3. PreciousO (@PreciousO)

    Thank you

  4. I loved the beginning part of this piece. It’s a little difficult writing in the present tense, and I saw a few errors in tenses but asides that, I think you did a good job.

  5. Tense issues. Punctuation. The form, delivery or conveyance of a story is as important as the story itself.
    Your story was reduced by the errors. Maybe editing would have helped.

  6. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

    You kept to the prompt but……you jumbled a few letters. It was fine though

  7. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    Nice one from a junior writer, tho there were few errors. keep it up

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