Dede’s Nightmare #prompt 3

I found a way to cross the road seamlessly without looking out for oncoming vehicles, it seems i just pass through the oncoming cars like a ghost; and it felt good. I bought a bus ticket, boarded the bus, and squeezed my way through the commuters to get a seat in a way that will make it easier to watch the ongoing football match. I looked at the bus ticket in my hand-a bet slip, and just as i have forecasted, Chelsea is already winning. “At least, if this game goes on like this”, I thought to myself, “I will win five naira”. But the heat in the viewing center was so much that I had to alight at the next train station. I threw away the bet slip- the only piece of paper I had with him as I stepped out of the train.
I held my suitcase firmly, and looked up at the dark cloud, ready to sprout out the waters. And right in my eyes, the cloud bursted open and a large volume of water came pouring down from the sky. I lifted up my suitcase over my head to shield myself from the rain, and the umbrella was big enough to shield me from getting wet. I crouched underneath the umbrella, and held it firmly. The sound of the arrows gave a melodious sounds as they came pouring on the wooden shield I held above my head; I felt safe, but knows I have to act fast before our counterpart acted faster. I glanced sideways, and a few of my soldiers have been pierced by the rain of arrows. And in my front, I can see the armies of the Shiron dynasty rushing over. I looked at the few soldiers under my command, raised my spear and shouted, “charge”! They all charged forward, and I also ran with them, shouting as we ran to collide with the army of the enemy.
I ran as fast as though my feet were not touching the ground, making all efforts to get to the finishing line before the other contestants to win the gold medal in this Olympic competition. The spectators chanted my name, and I also chanted loudly from the spectators’ stand of the coliseum as Spartacus plunged his spear into Atilia’a heart. Atilia goes down slowly, holding the spear in place for a good act. The son of Atilia stood up right beside me and said in his mind, “I will avenge my father’s death”! But I could hear him loud and clear, so I took the remote control and switched off the TV to prevent further bloodshed because Atilia’s son was already charging towards Spartacus with a sword.
Then there was darkness and there was light, and I woke up from my dream as my mother called my name. I stretched and yawned and said, “That was one lovely nightmare”!
My name is Dede, and I am 10years old.

2 thoughts on “Dede’s Nightmare #prompt 3” by KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

  1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

    If i tell you you’re normal,im lying cos your absolutely wicked lol.
    All those switches, they’re beautiful..even I had a hard time making one.
    So im not the only one with all the weird dreams lol

  2. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    @ ugochukwu, thanks for the compliment.

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