The Death of the Man with the Staff

His feet were heavy from of days of walking, but his mind was ready in fact it was born renewed. The man in red had reached to the earth where the man with the staff lay. The slayer of the people of Ododo stood at the entrance of the fortress of gold and silver, waiting for the man in red. The man with the staff saw the red beast eyes, instantly he knew this man was no mere man.

“Beast of Ododo, what brings you to this earth again?”

“This earth is filled with gold and silver, we refuse to welcome your kind,” said the man with the staff. “In this land, blood is water”

“By the gods of gold and silver, do you come here to avenge your dead” the man with the staff hysterically laughed. “Do you forget who I am; I am the bringer of death,” he continued.

“Speak no more, for your death has arrived,” the man in red proclaimed.

With a large roar, the man in red leaped high into the night and brought down his battered axe on the man with the staff. The man with the staff was struck with awe; he could not believe how quick the man in red was.

“Oh I see, your dead people have given you strength,” said the man with the staff. “Only a coward accepts the gifts from those that are dead,”

Like a possessed spirit, the man with the staff danced and moved his legs, chanting the words of an unknown god. He then changed into Gosan; the ancient evil forest beast. The evil forest beast opened its teeth, willing to tear away the man in red. The beast at full force charged towards the man in red, it then tore away the man in red’s face. Dark blood dropped from the man in red’s face like water flowing down from a stream.

“Fool, this face is mere flesh, I am but a being now beyond flesh and blood,” said the man in red unfazed. He rushed at the ancient evil forest beast, grabbing its neck, with his right hand he sunk his axe deep into the struggling beast’s belly. The evil beast roared, and with much haste the beast turned back into the man with the red staff. With clouds circling into a whirly frenzy, the man with the red staff brought down the god of the gold skies into his staff. Like thick blood, the man with the staff shone his most prized asset: his golden staff. A hole appeared on the staff and a dreadful noise came out; harrowing cries of the dead people of Ododo.

“Do you hear them, they cry for their lost freedom”

“They are bound to my death for eternity”

The man in red raised his axe to his chest and then to the stillness of air, he shouted to the man with the staff. “Hear me tonight, for I swear on my iye’s grave, I shall bring your head back to my land.”


The night washed away and when all the birds from the south had rested, the man in red raised the head of the man with the staff high into the sky for the lost ones to see. With the head of the man with the staff slung to his back, he ventured into the forest of nativity which led to his land. All was not well with the man in the red; he had been poisoned by the fangs of the man with the staff during battle. His sight was dim, and he knew his path was treacherous. As he thought of his journey ahead, he heard shouts of the ash demons from the land of gold and silver. He had no time to fight these demons; he had to return to his land to revive his people. He also knew the dark water was eating away his flesh, so with blood dripping and his breath shortening, the man ran deeper into the forest.

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  1. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Interesting I assume that this is a series?

  2. Horlhart (@Olarinoye54)

    I guess this is a continuation of “BACK HOME” and i hope it doesnt end here o.
    well done @WORDSFROMUYI

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