Death By Banging: 7

The hand that grabbed Ama as she got out of the elevator was rough and hairy. She felt another set of hand pull what seemed like a cloth carrier bag over her head. Then she felt herself being lifted up and the person began to walk really fast.

By the sound and smell of it, the other person seemed feminine. Ama caught a whiff of rose and vanilla. She owned enough heels to know what a wedge sounded like on cemented floor, especially if the wearer had a slight drag.

She felt the urge to bite the person carrying her, but with the brute force he had done it, Ama decided that a smashed jaw wouldn’t be a good start of a potentially messed up day.

She was thrown into what seemed like the back of a van, her legs were then tied to her wrists. The bag was tilted up and a gag was forced into her mouth. Then she was pushed further down. The bag fell off just as he closed the door; he had a goatee and an eagle tattoo on his neck.

Ama tried to sit straight but she only ended up leaning on the partition at the back of the van. She could hear voices and then a feminine laughter.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” the female said.

“No way! Weina!! I ain’t leaving until you’ve given me what I want,” the brute said.

“Not here!!! Do you want me to get sacked?” it was Vuzi!!!!

Ama’s scream could have been heard if she hadn’t been with a gag. She really didn’t know what was happening but she didn’t like it. What could Vuzi possibly have to do with these people? She was still trying to figure it out when she heard doors opened and slammed. Few seconds later and there was the start of the engine.

Am’s phone started to ring and she realized that her purse was not taken. She tried to reach for it but her fingers could barely grab it. She wished the two in the front wouldn’t hear the phone. But she finally pressed busy and then put off the phone.


Biibi frowned as the phone rang and she swore. She hated when her calls were being ignored like that. She had told Ama never to cut off her calls unless she was in danger. But she couldn’t possibly be, she just left Biodun’s flat.

“Who are you calling,” someone said behind her.

She turned and smiled as she snuggled up into the arms of the dark-tited, flat tummied, chocolate skin body of Demola.

“No one really, just an annoying friend who I heard is in trouble,” Biibi said as she playfully pinch Demola’s nipples.

“The one person I know is in trouble is the slave whose refused to do her duties,” Demola said as he freed himself from Biibi.

He moved to the cabinet and grabbed his belt. He then spread his legs wide with his bulging brief facing the smiling Biibi. Demola smacked the cabinet with the belt and ordered Biibi to crawl to him.

She slowly went on her knees, back arched and nightie wide open to reveal her full, fresh boobs. She raised her face up, staring fixedly at Demola as he rubbed on his hard-on with the buckle of the belt.

“Closer.” she went a few inches forward and stopped, tongue over lips in a seductive movement.

“Come closer and stand up,” Demola said as he leaned forward.

Biibi went a few paces forward and stood up. She looked away from Demola and asked if he liked what he saw. Demola picked up a hairbrush and used it to push the straps off Biibi’s shoulder. The light garment fell to the ground, exposing the full glory in front of him. Her tits were erect and pointing at Demola like a feeding bottle. Her skin smooth and sleek like the surface of coral beads.

“Punish me, master. I have been bad,” she said as moved closer to Demola.

Demola raised the belt and wrapped it around Biibi’s neck. He gingerly used the back of the brush to smack her butt as he pushed her down.

“Worship my dick,” he said with a raspy voice. His eyes shone with desire and his bulge were threatening to tear off the brief.

Biibi placed her hands on his bulge and started to massage. She cupped up the balls as Demola let out a soft moan, his hand still on the belt.

She then used her teeth to bring down the brief as her hands spread Demolas thighs wide apart. The erect dick reared its head as the brief inched downward. The whole 8 inch erection flew out like a newly peeled banana. Demola clamped her legs together to allow Biibi pull off the brief, still with her teeth. She flung it above her head and then clasped her mouth on the dick.

“Suck it, suck it hard and long,” Demola said as he held her head. Biibi shook her head and Demola pulled harder on the belt. She bent as she began to do as told. Her full succulent lips worked wonders like dipping berry in syrup. She felt him tremble at every stroke of her hand as she tenderly squeezed his balls.

His idle hand went on her boobs and began to squeeze; gently at first then the konji set in and it went wild. Biibi was beginning to moan as she dipped her middle finger in her cunt. She was wet and her scent was beginning to fill up the room.

“Oh, you smell so good. Your juice smells so damn good,” Demola said as he took in the sight. He got off the cabinet and put Biibi there. She spread her legs and Demola let out a horny cry. Her wet, pink with swollen clit was a sight his loin couldn’t bare.

“Take me, take me, master,” Biibi said as she dipped two fingers in her cunt and rub her clit with her thumb.

Demola let go of the belt and eased up her legs. He placed one on the cabinet and the other he held up. Biibi knew what was coming and she started pulling at him.

His lips felt like current on bare skin. He closed his mouth on her clit and sucked it in. Then she felt his tongue come out and slip inside her cunt. She held her head as the tongue began to cast out juice from her fountain. She didn’t even notice he had lifted himself up until she felt the tip of his dick in her. He just tapped her clit with it and then ran it over her vulva.

“Oh, take me. Ram it. Jam it. Destroy that pussy!”

Demola smiled as he licked his lips of her juice. He entered her fully with a thrust that sent a loud moan out of her mouth.

“Ooooohhh…ahhhhhh… uuhhhhh”

“Hmmmmmmm yeah,” he replied as he went faster and deeper. She clawed at his back as she neared orgasm. She could feel he was about to erupt so she lifted her butt up and pushed herself forward. Her ass was completely off the cabinet and they were fucking in mid-air.

“Oh shit…” Demola said as he spread his legs wider and held her firmer.

She started to wriggle as his thrust began to slow down. She pushed him way and quickly turned. Her legs went apart as she pushed her butt back, patting her butt to hurry him up. Demola didn’t need another invite before he located the pussy. He went in as the butt cheeks grabbed his shaft. It sent another round of sensation through his loin. He held her shoulders tightly and started to pound her from behind like a starved dog.

They screamed out at the same time as he pulled out and doused her body with his sticky liquid.

“Uhhhmmm yummy,” Biibi said as she stared down at her body. Demola went on his knees and placed his head on her butt as he took in air. They’d been at it for twenty minutes, and Biibi knew she should have called Ama back but konji had won, yet again!

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  1. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Insane scenes. I’m enjoying your series. I hope Ama will be ok.

  2. Nnedu. Gideon (@gmoney)

    really insane scenes. ur last 24 paragraphs gave u up as a porn director. well done o.

  3. Lolz…I thought you had disappeared again@eclecticmissy . Ur installment came quite late…..thumbs up, I’m following the series..

    PS:There is this Lola Lola who posts poems on “Great writers, we write” on facebook too, tell me you are the one, eh?

    1. Lola Lola (@eclecticmissy)

      I’m not. I’m that annoying writer that goes on and off. Lol.

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