Was at Nsugbe College of Education with my female colleagues to do a program for our organization. The mischievous ladies, who were worried about my so-called randy ways, swore to hook me up with one of the College’s angels so that I would cool down.

I did not know the extent of their devious plan until, just before lunch, one ravishing Enugu-born NCE finals babe came to my table with brainy questions on the program. I was the facilitator for the day. I have always had a weakness for women wey sabi book. And this one also get beauty. I was in trouble and was even surprised that I agreed to her serving me the post-program drinks we had before leaving for Awka.

I foolishly gave her my phone number. Next thing I knew, love texts, and messages. Two Saturdays later, I opened the door of my apartment to knocks from her! Chinekemee! I swear, I did not give her my address but it was my colleagues’ hand work.

Do not ask me what happened. But we no marry because…

She is a university graduate today and a polytechnic lecturer now. I saw her at a Mr. Biggs joint just seven weeks ago and was shocked. The looks that passed between us showed that the years have gone, the changes have come; we thought those two young lovers are gone but it seems some dreams do not fade away with time. The taste of love is a dangerous thing.

She kissed me on the cheek as we stepped out after some drinks and rice and looked in my eyes.

‘Bad boy, you know I loved you back then.’

What could I say?

‘You were not ready. Irene was not surprised when I told her about that Saturday.’ Irene, now a US-based lawyer, was one of my colleagues.

‘Ndi-Oru,’ I replied.

She smiled. She was now married with a son. We stood for a while and unconstitutional voices started talking in my head. They must have been speaking to her because before I could utter a word, she gave me a quick hug that revealed the fire in her body, ran to her Camry and virtually sped off. Till today I have not seen her and I pray never to see her again.

6 thoughts on “2-4 zone: THE TASTE OF LOVE IS A DANGEROUS THING” by henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo)

  1. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    I got a little lost during the part about Irene. I feel that being just a little more descriptive would perfect thus piece. Your character is very smart its a good thing that she ran lol

  2. Emjoe centelima (@Emjo)


  3. nice story but it was a bit juggled up that it was almost impossible to separate the past from the present.

  4. Aimy Swaggs (@Aimy)

    I like……Clear cut, straight to the point.

  5. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    It was as though you were in a hurry to finish it up, that alot of details was missing. All too abrupt.
    Alot of descriptive narration would have done this story alot of good.

  6. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    I got lost

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