Tales of Tera 3

Tera ran to her room with tears falling down her eyes. She shielded her face with both hands as she walked past a group of nerdy students who were studying in the secluded portion of the garden. The teddy bear embraced her pillow tightly as memories of Nicholas crossed her mind. He was her very first love and Mark was aware,she just couldn’t wrap her head around his refusal to approve of her affections towards Nick. Her cell phone vibrated for the third time. It was a ping from Nick,he wanted her to meet him behind his hostel. Tera’s face was brightened by a smile,Aminat enquired of the reason for Tera’s excitement after she finished skyping with her boyfriend who was studying in Cyprus.

” What’s up roomie? I thought you were crying before..and now you’re blushing..what aren’t you telling me? ” The Petit girl asked as she opened a pack of chocolate bagels and offered Tera.

” Its Nick..I think I like him,” She responded after gladly accepting the snack she was offered.

” Really? That’s awesome… You go girlfriend!! Follow your heart..” Aminat cheered her on,and escorted her to meet with him after dinner.


He looked simply divine. His chocolate skin glowed and shone brightly due to the rays of the moonlight. He wore a pair of faded jeans,a green Spongebob• t-shirt and a pair of palm slippers,his wrists were also accessorised with colourful beads.

Tera’s yellow t-shirt was accompanied by a pair of three-quarter jeans. She had to change outfits because she spilled soapy water on herself whilst performing the punishment dished out to her by Mr Nduka.

” Wow..You look so hot! ” Nick bursted out and swirled her around so he could get a good look at her outfit.

” Thanks dear..you’re making me feel quite shy..” She confessed truthfully and silenced her phone to prevent any form of distraction.

” Please don’t feel shy around me. I wanna get to know you better. Will you be my girlfriend? ” He asked with a wide and most confident smile on his face.

” Uhmm…..I like you but….I can’t date right now….can you wait till next year? Why are you holding your phone high up? ” She asked him inquisitively,but there was still a rosy smile upon her gorgeous face.

” I’m sorry dear…..I’m looking for a stable network connection so I can call my parents…. I’m willing to wait till next year ..you’re worth more than that to me ” He responded as he moved his hands towards her neck gently. His touch made her shudder..

” Can we discuss about this later? We must return to our respective rooms now..if we get caught…it would be quite awkward for us both… Goodnight Dear ” Her pink lips parted open as she uttered those words.

” Is that how to say goodnight to your boyfriend to be?” He asked and moved his handsome face towards hers,Tera grew stiff immediately. His lips attempted to grab hers but she loosened herself from his grip.

” Its too early for that…please stop..” She responded with a straight face.

Refusing to back off,he kissed her neck tenderly with his hands wrapped around her back. She was too awe struck and dumbfounded to move. She ended the brief kiss on the neck,waved at him sheepishly and ran back to her room with ecstatic tears falling down her eyes. Her room was locked,she knocked severally before Oghene opened the door and rushed back into the shower.

” Guess what I just heard..” Oghene spoke to Tera loudly from the bathroom where she was.

” What is it? ” Tera asked as she checked her phone for the time.

” Its the Minister for Petroleum Resources oh…I heard that he has been accused of money laundering by the government…..they said he may go to jail sef….”

” Ahhh!!! Mr Akinwale?!!! Please tell me its a lie.. ” Tera replied,her pupils were dilated and her foreheads were creased with beads of sweat.

” Its not oh my dear..I feel very sorry for your bestie…I just hope he won’t get humiliated at the camp meeting tonight…Let’s go and join the others,Aminat went twenty minutes ago ” She urged Tera and dragged her out of the room. Tera walked slowly,she felt terrible to say the least.

“What sort of friend am I?..I didn’t even ask him how things were with his dad after those accusations people have been making on tv…I’m always taking from him and never giving back…will he ever forgive me for being so cruel and thoughtless?” She asked herself quietly.

Her blackberry phone’s led light was blinking red,she checked and discovered that she had received 9 new messages in the last hour. It was the same broadcast message sent by different people.

“Breaking News! The flamboyant Minister for Petroleum Resources,Mr Akinwale has been accused of multiple charges of oil theft and money laundering . How will this affect Mark’s career as luminous’ vocalist?..isn’t he a thief like his father?” Click this link for further details …www.nicholas gists.com… Culled from Nicholas Okeowo’s blog..the home of trending entertainment gists and gossip.

Tera deleted the messages and reluctantly headed downstairs for the camp fire gathering. She couldn’t help but wonder what the beef between Nicholas and Mark was and forgot to wear her earrings or apply any form of make up due to the various thoughts that crossed her mind.

” No make up? What’s wrong dear? ” Oghene asked the moment Tera met with her downstairs.

” Its not necessary dearie…don’t even ask us to go back so you can paint my face for me…let’s just go like this, ”

” Yeye Tera” Oghene said with a smile. “What’s up with you and Nick? How did it go? ”

” It was quite awesome. But he’s too forward,I feel like he’s the type that can’t take things slowly ” She replied and walked past the boys hostel.

” My dear..Nick has a questionable character. And he’s too unreliable. I don’t think someone like you can be with him. You deserve better ” Oghene advised sincerely.

” But I like him..he’s my crush remember? ”

” I think you’re having a problem with your tenses. He ‘is’ or he ‘was’? You’ve been doing great without him,haven’t you? This camp just aroused feelings of the past,that’s all .What does my sweetheart-Mark think about this? ”

” He’s not in support..we argued earlier on. He seems to be on your side. ”

” You see? What was I telling you? I love that boy oh. Such sophistication,intelligence,and rare good looks. From what I’ve heard he’s quite a player too ” Oghene affirmed with a loud laugh.

” Not really. He’s really changed..I know he’s in love with someone but he hasn’t told me who”

” Really? Sure it isn’t me? ”

” Ehn..its you now…keep fantasising.. Awkward Oghene ” She laughed out loud and Oghene chased her down the walkway with a feigned frown on her face.

Tera heaved a sigh of worry when they both got to the camp fire gathering. The sight of Mark and Nick frightened her,she had a premonition that things would go wrong.

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  4. You have a good story here. But you have to be a little bit more…relaxed. It seems like you’re rushing it.

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    Noted. But have you ever been in a particular stage in life where everything seems monotonous and boring until.. All of a sudden,something happens and your life seems to be on a fast track? That’s the image I’m trying to depict here.

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