…because You Need my Vote

…because You Need my Vote


One even strongly swore an oath
To give us a whale or an elephant
If we’d vote him and also loath
The other party’s government

The other party promised us a ship
That we’re on crossroad to choose
Have we been able to rear sheep?
Not to talk of beasts on the loose

We only have rivers and brooks
Upon what then will the Trojan ply
Are these not baits on the hooks?
So no one will hear us when we cry

It’s clamour for change or continuity
Glamour of refurbishment is it change?
Yet, if we’d achieve best in its entirety
Won’t we cringe to stay on same page

In whatever sway it is your stay will pay
Remember democracy is earthenware
Once broken, it’s like wild fire in the hay
That could blaze and raze the nation bare

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