Our Mother Is Barren

Mama  joined the group in front of the Pastor.

“What is Mama doing!”, Ella blurted. An usher frowned at her, but she went on, “wasn’t the altar-call for barren women?”.

“Shh!”, Papa shunned, looking at us. His eyes were like hot-ice. That hot-coldness was there at the birth of the last-born. He had hissed, “girl again!”, and bore the wounded eyes of a man plagued with six daughters; a species he calls “Liabilities” -tomorrow they belong to their husbands.

A look at those eyes, and Ella got her answer. She hushed, “Mama is barren. God give her an asset”.


5 thoughts on “Our Mother Is Barren” by chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

  1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

    No prompt…..Too short at this length, you scared of 500?

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    tsk… tsk… No prompt one, its too short… why am I repeating everything @ugochuckwu already said? I think you should have read the announcement post more carefully dear.

    But beautiful, beautiful cover picture though. I’ll give you that.

    Keep writing!

  3. I love the idea you put in there. But you’ll need to rework your story for length and a more gripping narrative. Keep writing, you can only get better.

  4. Iheme Nzube (@IhemeNzube)

    A nice job. Kind of funny too. But to short in content. You can do better.

  5. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    the picture excellent, the title catching the characters interesting but then… I was like did oga_oga accidentally cut the story? its 500 words not 500 letters alot of potential but the story is missing to much

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