Lover’s Lullaby

Lover’s Lullaby

T’is 3 am and I struggle to sleep with thoughts of you parading through my head.

Why must we cross paths with souls we cant seem to ever forget?

Your face is imprinted in the deep valleys of my mind and out of the core of my imagination, I see a kind, sweet man with a patient pose,

I look into your eyes like a soothsayer to a crystal ball and I catch a little glimpse of heaven….a paradise waiting to be discovered,

Unable to behold the majesty which is you, I am blinded by your alluring light

I quiver, close my eyes, then shyly gaze away to the open distance looking to escape to a familiar solitude-

But then you catch me underneath my chin with your firm, strong ebony arm accompanied by its protruding muscles and powerful masculinity

As you gently trace the contours of my face, skillfully exploring every arch and dimple, I am forced to probe your eyes again-
This time with a more intense curiousity and wonderment,

Like a young calf, I stand but surrender to my weakened knees and so I sit to recount memories of the time I was wrapped in the warmth of your loving arms,

Like Deja Vu, I vividly recollect when the coldness of the room we shared, beckoned us to become one as I called you into the protection of my bossom for a cuddle and cradle just like a mama to a newborn babe.

A timeless memory of a passion which I aim to repeat when I find myself in your arms again

Because I know without the shadow of a doubt that I the Queen am in love with a King,

Sleep tight,

For when the first rays of the morning sun reflect through my window, I will awaken your manhood with a sizzling kiss.

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