I’ll Be There For U

I’ll Be There For U

When the sun’s set to shine
When the birds are
Out of their nest
When all you’ve wished
Is to become the best
There’s always a hand
That never changes.

When all is down and low
When nothing is moving fast
But going slow
When everything up
Is down and below
There’s always a heart
Ever caring.

When the grimy night
Is near
When the star’s beauty is faded
When the sky is plain
And blue
When the ocean tides are gone
I will be there for you.

When the sun seems to lie
In line with the earth
When your heartbeat
Longs for a pause
When things has
Really fallen apart
I will be there for you

When all you’ve trusted
Turns against you
When the hands of the clock
Cant be turned back
When your lips has gone
Short of moisture
When your hand longs
For a warm grab
I will be there for you.

12 thoughts on “I’ll Be There For U” by Christopher Titus (@christitus)

  1. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Lovely sentiment

    1. Christopher Titus (@christitus)

      thanks for stopping by @Ivie9ja

  2. Kosnie (@Kosnie)


    1. christitus (@christitus)

      Tanks Kosnie

  3. obiink (@obiink)

    nice…. making sense

    1. Christopher Titus (@christitus)

      @Obiink, thank u for reading n commenting!

  4. Abdulquadir (@Abdulquadri11)

    Wow! Nice piece guy

    1. Christopher Titus (@christitus)

      thank u @Abdulquadril11.

  5. Owww cute.

  6. roy's journals (@Roy-journals)

    This is really nice. Sounds like the lyrics from a song. I really like it. And the naming was perfect…

    1. Christopher Titus (@christitus)

      @Roy-journals, I’m glad u loved it. thanks

  7. christitus (@christitus)

    Im highly elated for ur wonderful comments! Thanks to u all.

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