Gone are the Gones

Gone are the Gones

How long will we be silent?
How long will be deaf and dumb?
How long will we relax and relent?
How long will we see our tomb?
How many times will we be blind
How long will be in hind?
Moving at a snail pace
While in the national interest race

Awake awake, say no to slumber
Long ago we have slumbered on our ass
All our members must remember
The loss of the green blood, doves without wax
We groaned and moaned amidst the drones
Of riffles and monster guns
Till we were disarmed with modern arsenal
Our conquest must be green in the annal

Now is five hundred and forty months
We were proclaimed ‘no victor, no vanquished’
We must not be so foolishly funny at least
The losers know that they perished
Seeing the winner’s pipes blow victorious
Their monotonous anthem of Unity, sounding furious
We are no doubt called one name
But we are not all the name

Sheepishly we are under the Aso Rock
The Aso Rock is so stony and rocky
To her pebbles’ good luck and oils block
Are we cursed to be unlucky?
Or we never cause the move of our luck?
That we endlessly in mire stuck
Sharia has come and gone
But now Boko is on the run

Our veins are clinging for blood
Shame on those who carry olive leaf
Our hearts are flooded flood
Of sorrow and anger, now we are stiff
‘Let him be hanged he that is not for war’
We must war but let it be in our fore:
‘Purposeful War is revolution
And purposeless war is destruction’

We have been disrupted and destroyed
But we are not defeated neither are we intimidated
Though we have been boiled and foiled
We are not wholly deciminated
Since Aso Rock has failed us to be moved
She must be bloodly or bloodlessly be removed
We call on Change to visit us like dawn
Or we show the Rock our bloody brawn

4 thoughts on “Gone are the Gones” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. obiink (@obiink)

    hmmmm….just nodding my big head

  2. sunnydemajesty (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

    Thanks dear for nodding to my muse.

  3. Rily gud. The rhymes in the first two verses seem a bit forced. But from the fourth verse I loved it. Good Job.

  4. kay (@kaymillion)


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