I stabbed the elevator buttons a few more times and glanced at my watch again. Why is it taking forever? I began pacing in front of the elevator. A thousand thoughts racing through my mind. What if it was too late? What if she had already done it? Would the maid have found him by now?

I was about to hit the stairs, when the familiar ping halted me in my tracks. I spun around and jumped into the parting doors, grazing my left shoulder as it hadn’t fully opened. I recoiled in pain reaching for the G button.

‘You alright?’ Came a voice from the corner. I nearly jumped out of my skin. I didn’t notice the man. He was tall, his voice as craggy as his demeanor was polished. I stared, but quickly peeled my eyes away from him.

‘I’m OK. Thanks.’ I said. I felt tense. There was something familiar about him. The rest of the ride down from the 10th floor seemed to drag as my whole day had been so far. It didn’t help that I felt his eyes boring into my back.

As soon as we got to the ground floor I headed straight for the car park. While I was reversing out, there he was again. The tall, familiar-stranger. He tilted his hat at me as I drove past. Strange, I thought, once more. I didn’t notice the hat in the elevator. Who wears a hat in 38 degree weather? Nevertheless, I acknowledged his gesture with a nod and a grimace.

As I pulled out of the complex and sped down the highway, I kept hoping, kept praying that Kike hadn’t done what she told me she would do.

6 thoughts on “Elevator” by Fatima (@Afrochic)

  1. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    still trying to deduce the message

    1. Fatima (@Afrochic)

      It’s a vignette; a practice piece. Its been years since I last wrote so I am warming up. Thanks for reading ☺

  2. Folakemi Emem-Akpan (@Folakemi)

    because this was a practice piece as you said, I didn’t get any particular message out of it. But your writing is very polished and it doesn’t look like you’ve not written in years. Hoping to read full pieces of your work here. welcome to NS

    1. Fatima (@Afrochic)

      Thank you. Happy to be here.

  3. At least i now know the meaning of vignette.

  4. Short and sharp

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