The Devil’s Dance

He smiled at me, My heart melted

He moved closer, I started to shake

He placed his hand over mine, I wanted to die

Hard but gentle hands

His gaze piercing straight through my innocence

As my heart beat fast and loud

Like voodoo drums

Soft music playing over the old transistor radio on the dusty shelf

Carelessly held together with a black cellotape

An old dirty mattress on the floor in the corner

With a torn bed sheet carelessly flung over it

A narrow green bulb dimly lit to boost the moment

The filthy room has only one shaky wooden chair

I am sitting on it

And an old table designed with candle wax

The being of my affection is perched on it

I hold on to my soft drink with my free hand

I am too overwhelmed to take a sip

Oh the sweet folly of youth

The thrill of disobedience

The deception of sweet nothings

And a few pennies spent

I could smell the rains fast  approaching

Soon all noise would be drowned

And we could do the devil’s dance without interruption

Devil’s dance !

Sweet temptation

My mother’s voice rings through my head

“Sugar coated tongues, in search of a decent girl

To scratch the itch between their legs

Both young and old they only have but one desire

Only greedy and foolish girls fall into the traps of these predators

Prey to little gifts and sweet nothings

Heroines among timid girls

Bad examples for growing daughters.

Do not let yourself  fall victim

To quench the itch between their legs  !!”

Boxing our ears with love and caution

Silently praying and hoping we walk in the sacred path of virtue

Down  the road of dignity


In a flash I jump up,

Pushing him against the wall and causing my drink to spill on the dirty floor

He grabs me, almost ripping my school uniform apart

I can hear it raining heavily outside

No one would hear me scream

I am only fourteen and he is twenty five

I am caught in the midst of disobedience and filth

But he said he loves me

Love is kind, so what is this?

We struggle back and forth

I am screaming at the top of my lungs

He gives up in defeat

Flinging his zinc door open

I am pushed into the rain

Crashing into the mud like a log of wood

All because I wouldn’t do the devil’s dance with him

By morning we are strangers

And I am standing in my uniform

Watching him and another girl holding hands

7 thoughts on “The Devil’s Dance” by OLUNOSEN a.k.a #SimpleEsanGirl (@ooluss)

  1. This isn’t bad
    but at it I’m mad
    because it can be refined

    @omoniyi-adeshola come read this. @ivie9ja you too!


    WELL-DONE!!!! in all caps… well done

  3. Nice write up.

    I like the way it was constructed, buy i could not find any rhymes in it. If you try add some meaningful rhymes to it, it gonna be wow!!

    Nice one. Keep writing.

  4. What an admirable
    making me to gyrate
    as I call for more…

  5. @ufuomaotebele you’ve spotted a gem this is so perfect Its beautiful her virginity has been saved I am celebrating lmao! this is great I would have never found this on my own thanks for the tag dear. I trust you to open my eyes on NS lol

  6. @ufuomaotebele,@innoalifa, @ivie9ja,@silvadereal.Thank you all.I really appreciate your comments!

  7. I love this.

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