Birthing Body..

I have given life to six great people

Causing my belly to stretch and protrude like a little pot

From fifty four months of providing a nurturing haven in my womb

Stretch marks snake their way up and down my belly and buttocks

Like the stripes of a zebra

Gravity has taken its toll on my breasts

Even though they stand proudly held in place by firm support

They have nourished little ones

And my hips have spread like the wide plains of the Sahara

Rubbing together as I walk

Gone are the days when my belly stretched out flat across my middle

And I could twist and bend like a worm in all directions

And the hands of my beloved could wrap itself around it in a single grip

Gone are the days when my breasts stood at attention

Boldly and proudly screaming of youthful exuberance

And gone are the days when my hips were nicely moulded and firm

With a gap between them

As I embrace the new shape and design of my body

I feel no shame, only pride

It is a revelation of the fact

That I have I have given life

This gift I celebrate today

8 thoughts on “Birthing Body..” by OLUNOSEN a.k.a #SimpleEsanGirl (@ooluss)

  1. Beautiful @ooluss! I always tell my children that I am proud of my body for having been their house and feeding them. Motherhood is one of the most beautiful gifts!

  2. obiink (@obiink)

    i will read this to my mum… even though she is not a fan of poetry, am sure she will love this

  3. mekus7720 (@Mekus7720)

    Wow…awesome…nicely written…’thanks Mum’..

  4. roy's journals (@Roy-journals)

    This is beautiful. I love every part of it. I just read it to my mum and she loved it too. My sister said “Hit the gym” But she thought it was beautiful as well.

  5. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Hit the gym with six kids? lol unnless they’ve all gone to live in boarding school its unlikely to happen @roy-journals. This is beautiful. Though most of my flaws came before my child did lol

  6. I love your sister roy-journals, hit the gym :-) :-) realistic.
    But its beautiful, not a fan of poetry but @obiink‘s comment brought me here.
    Wish I could read it to my mum.

  7. Folakemi Emem-Akpan (@Folakemi)

    this hit home for me, because I am a mom who has nourished two great kids with her body. I used to be extra extra slim (was 45kg when i got married). I am still considerably slim (about 62kg now) but all those other things that happen to a birthing body have happened to mine. hahahahahaha. As from today, I will wear them as a badge of honour. Thanks

  8. I enjoyed this Olunosen.
    I was ready to say things that work for me – doing things I love like dancing with my daughter, taking the stairs, eating more fruits, veg and fibre … then I saw this… six people.
    Six kids… that’s got to change a body forever.
    They are a blessing anyway like the narrator said.

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