Bad Dad

It was just six pm, and everyone is seated silently in the sitting room, the fan spinning in slow motion, the annoying sound of the bad generator could be heard by the whole neighbours, its fumes is enough to make a chemical weapon, all the doors and windows facing the corridor where the generator is were shut tight, so the family have a little idea what nuisance their generator is constituting outside. Even as everyone sat silently the TV was left on, the volume muted, to serve as light in this family panel, for the generator just damaged the last bulb in the house, and Mr. Abati is not ready to get another one that will last only for a night until he calls a technician to know what is wrong with his generator.
Mrs. Abati sat on a cushion twined like someone dying of cold and shaking her head in disappointment, stopping to look at her first son at any given chance, then take another sigh and continue shaking her head, Mr. Abati was the first to break the silence, and after narrating his long boring tale of how he was a good boy growing up, loved by all and never caused trouble for his parents, then he went straight to another boring tale of listing the crimes committed by his seventeen year old son, who is to enter the university in the coming month, and how just this evening, their neighbour has come to complain that he saw his son with some gang in a bar drinking and smoking Indian hemp, Mr. Abati yelled of how he never did this when he was young and why will God choose to punish him like this, he ended his speech this time, speaking directly to his first son, ‘if you choose to be useless, its fine by me, it’s your choice, after all you are not my only son’, I have hope on others. While he was yelling his son was silently weeping on the inside, not for the words of his father for the pain his mother is going through because of his behavior, she is a woman with a bad heart condition and his behavior is compounding her problem. When his mother spoke she said, my son its either you wake up and make up your mind to be the good son of a good father or the bad son of a good father. She led the family night prayer and left everyone in the parlour, to continue weeping in her room. The father yelled again; see the pain you are causing this innocent woman, he pick up his car key and his bible and announce to everyone he is going for fellowship. His siblings increased the volume of the TV and his son left the house, saying he is going to church to pray.
Six compounds away his friends were waiting to take him out to celebrate his recent admission to the university, they choose to drive to a small hotel outside their area. When they got there they ordered for drinks and prostitutes, his friends laughed and made fun of him calling him a pussy because of his refusal to smoke and drink alcohol, but they gave him the assurance that once he gets to the university his holy attitude will change, he narrated to them what transpired at home, how their neighbour reported him to his parents after seeing him with them and concluded that he was smoking with them. After gulping two bottles of malt, he left the group to pee, on his way he heard a voice that sounded like his father’s, he ignored it and went on to pee, on his way back the voice was stronger. He was sure his father is in church but he decided to look at the man that sounds like his father. He saw the a back of the man with a bottle of beer on one hand and a lighted cigarette on the other, his arms on the shoulder of a prostitute kissing him and telling him not to forget to buy Tom-Tom on his way home. He gently walk pass the man, his curiosity made him to turn back and look at the man’s face and when he did… father and son made eye contact, for a seconds they stood petrified staring at each other but they turn and pretended they never knew each other…
When he got home he stayed awake waiting for his father to return from fellowship, when he finally came in, father and son sat down staring at each other, trying the read the others mind. His son broke the silence, i have made up my mind, I want to be the good son of a bad father. The father only bend his head and muttered what sounded like, I am sorry.

8 thoughts on “Bad Dad” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. roy's journals (@Roy-journals)

    I think I get the story line, I found it really difficult though to understand the tenses. They were lots of present and past tenses, often times in the same sentence. And that made reading it somewhat difficult. Nice work though. Just try to work on that.

  2. Nalongo (@Nalongo)


  3. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Wow pot calling the kettle black. Angry that the apple possibly didnt fall far from the tree. For the life of me I dont understand how we expect our children to be different from us in a good way when they are made from us lol

  4. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Oh yea and the tenses are all over the place as was said before.

  5. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    proof-reading is an integral part of any writing; also try to paragraph your work no matter how short it is. Take note of the aforementioned errors. That boy better follow the path he chooses, shame unto the father who wants his son to be a sheep in a wolf’s clothing.

  6. luwizdrizzy (@luwizdrizzy)

    Choi, I can’t stop laughing, l just love part “I’ll be a good son of a bad father” really ironic

  7. obiink (@obiink)

    Thanks for reading, and for your advice… am grateful…
    will work on my tenses next time…. love you all

  8. hahahaha after all the speech.
    Nice one.

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