Web Of Remembrance

Web Of Remembrance

I come gently

like the evening rain

for my spirit is grieved

my grievances are long like a tall waterfall

I shall not forgive and shall not forget

for naked gods roll on parade grounds


Let bullets bloom in the belly of earth I shall not die

like flies in colony of beggars


If only this day we can see

the emptiness in our anthem

only fools can fill the gaps


Charcoals and smokes everywhere

beautiful places we used to be are now beds of beasts

restless hills

injured riverbeds can no longer sing

flowers can no longer echo to the bees

communication between storms and seas are Latin

children fleeing to other lands

seeking kindness in strangers hands

Agony! Please, stop hugging me


I won’t move the motion that all is well

in country

where graduates living well are fixed into offices

by their daddies

Mr. Johnson with Master Degrees is jobless

yet studying for Doctorate with faith in God

since idle hand is devil’s workshop


We are all fools

we are all fish

we are all lured to the hook

of things that is in offing

some are lured by the promise of heaven

some are lured by the promise of money

I was lured by the feet Wole Soyinka achieved


And young and old

and male and female

and puberty and teen

and clergies and criminals

and politicians and masses

and singles and married

and all and sundry

we all are circumstance prostitutes

we bake our bodies in oven of immoralities

to get what we want by all means

I am pissed


And fellow reader with ears;

with ease,

reading this rhythmless parody

you should be so pleased to agree

my body and soul is a temple

of angry melodies.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

(soaring high, not by might)

This poem is inspired by Prof. Remi Raji’s anthology “Web Of Remembrance

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  1. Abdulquadir (@Abdulquadri11)

    I like that poem…you really tried with the use of those rythms..

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