Versions of a Life

Versions of a Life

My life is like the harmattan’s mist

That crusts and dries all layers touched

While blocking sight beyond the here

But hanging untouchable to fill the void


My life is like the coiled spring

Energy brims through its bends and loop

Yet held in place by a force greater

Still watching, waiting for time to pounce


My life is like the gelded horse

Elegantly standing to spite its shame

Lurking within it is fire unbridled

Culled, strong, patiently waiting


My Life is like the Ocean’s sand

Slapped irreverently by the boisterous waves

Sometimes dragged along with it to sea

Never knowing that moment till it comes


My life is like the Arctic’s Ice

Laying frozen and contemplating time

Till a nuisance heat defies it

And steals away its brittle repose


My life is like the lawn grass

Planted and nurtured to fan fat and proud

And when in time it erectly flourishes

It’s mown and told its bound – its limited reach


2 thoughts on “Versions of a Life” by O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    I wanted to copy and paste my favorite stanza but then the next stanza was even more better and the next and the next and I couldn’t chose one.
    My life is like the lines you wrote
    carefully, peacefully, you laid it all down
    with no restrains, you brought and spoke life to mere words…

    Thank you for bringing poetry back to my life @omoniyi-adeshola You were missed!

  2. @OMONIYI-ADESHOLA. Oh my thats a lovely piece well written. Thanks for writing this.

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