Valentine’s Hang over

Valentine’s Hang over

Yesterday 15th of february, a day i will never forget, the day before yesterday 14th of february, a day i will alwlays live to remember. Today tomorrow and forever more, i will live to correct my mistakes.

I woke up on the 15th of Feb, with head ache, body pain, sore throat, bitter mouth, and more i just cant remember.
What actually happened on the 14th?.
flash back:

Jane: How are we celebrating today?

John: Lets go out.

Jane: We go out everyday, why don’t we party?.

John: Ok, which club do you have in mind?.

Jane: Your house.

I reacted just the way u reacted, What? Am just 17 and i live with my parents, why on earth would i want to party?. When i did not reply, she continued.

Jane: Your parents are not at home, we will have sorted everything before they get back on the 16th.

Her eye pleaded in her normal seductive way, i had no option but to say yes!!!.

Everything was set up for the night, drink or food was not the problem, but the venue in the house, that also turned out not to be a problem when the whole school came for the party.

I thought all was going well, well yes, all was actually going well, except i was drunk, and when am drunk i behave just like my fucking dad (did i just say that? Don’t worry you will soon know why). So i got a message.

Dad: Johnny boy, change of plans we are coming back this night, so you won’t feel lonely.

What i saw was Dada, the name of my bestfriend, i have forgotten he is also at the party, so i replied.
John: idiot, before you get here, the party go done finish.

An hour later, i heard voices at the door, i went to check but could not recognise the two bastards yelling at the D.J, so i made a suggestion, “Why don’t we drunk them?”, well you know how that went, the next day, i got the beating of my life, my father flogged hell out of me, and he kept asking me the same question. “Are you gay?”, i did not understand the question, only to be showed a picture at the hospital today, where i was thrusting my d*ck in my father’s mouth, and his in my, no wonder i woke up with a sore throat, and a bitter mouth. That man and his black d*ck.

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Hang over” by Oyeniji Sadeeq (@Bookfreez)

  1. sia (@sarahmorgan)

    wow am speechless I don’t know what to say.

  2. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    huh???? Im confused…

  3. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    the way you expect this to be plausible, how does ones fathers penis become erect, pulled out and then taken all while in front of a room full of party goers and his mother included and how some thing so nasty and ridiculous can then be veiwed as humorous?

    1. @Ivie9ja i apologies for my low sense of humor, and lack of imagination….cause what i pictured in my brain is a funny flash fic.

  4. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Ok believe it or not a piece like this could have been twisted into something humorous but you would have had to tweak a few things here and there to make it so. If the tale was something that was outlandish but somewhat possible then you would catch your readers but as I broke it down before that is not the case with thi spiece, I do not mean to discourage your writings but you might want to pull back just slightly with your next peice. :-) I believe in you lol

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