Valentines Day Eve

Valentine Chronicles

So it’s official;
I will be domesticated tomorrow.
Me, a free-spirited bird of the wild,
Cuffed and led through the gate called narrow.

So if after tomorrow you see me not,
If I go in and somehow I don’t make it out,
Don’t believe them when they tell you I’m dead;
Remember just one thing: I was here.

President Jonathan, see what you caused?
This year’s val is a no no was what we thought,
But you shattered it all, even you Dasuki?
Guys are not smiling, I hope you can see?

We had thought this year’s val would be at the polling booth,
Donating our thumbs to Jonathan or to Buhari.
See, this thing you started will yield no good fruit,
I know you think I’m bluffing, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

James Ogunjimi

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