Tribute to the Iyas

Tribute to the Iyas

Tribute to the Iyas

Iyas, I greet you.
Horrible vultures gathering in the dead of the night.
One-eyed monsters who see clearer than those with two;
Lovers of the dark; they have no use for the light.

Iyas, I pay homage,
Mothers whose silent whispers send men of courage into hiding,
With boundless energy, not slowed down by age,
They prove, without lifting a finger who really is mighty.

Iyas, I do obeisance,
They plan in the night and in the day they pounce,
Mothers whose laughter cause great men to bow,
He who dares challenge them will die the death of the fowl.

Iyas, I hear your gentle whispers,
May my ears not go deaf.
Mothers, I hear your victims whimper,
May similar fate not befall myself.

James Ogunjimi

One thought on “Tribute to the Iyas” by James Ogunjimi (@Hullerj)

  1. Of course
    without force
    this is nice
    and full of spice

    well done @Hullerj

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