Sheath your Swords

Sheath your Swords

Sheath Your Swords

We don’t want no war, all we want is peace.
If only these leaders will listen, we will tell them this.
Even though you’re the leaders and we are the led;
When you start the war, you’ll escape but we’ll wind up dead.

Nigeria is our home; we’ve got no where else to run;
Think deeply on that before you load that gun.
You want to rule; we’ve got no problems with that,
But if you think we’ll let you spill our blood, you must think we’re daft.

Elections will come and like others, they will go.
Friends will be neglected, promises forgotten.
The dead are buried and infact they are already rotten;
Their sacrifice a waste, but its too late to know.

Go about your business, but remain vigilant,
They want bloodshed, we say its peace we want.
We want no victory bought with the innocent’s blood,
So, can you return those guns and sheath your swords?

James Ogunjimi
February 2015

One thought on “Sheath your Swords” by James Ogunjimi (@Hullerj)

  1. @HULLERJ. Yes oo tell them that we have come of age and will not fall for their lies and deceptions.

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