ISLAMIC FICTION: Call for Submission

ISLAMIC FICTION: Call for Submission


Cerath Press, an independent Islamic publishing house in Nigeria, is now accepting submissions in the genres of Islamic Fiction—novels, novellas and short story collections.


Islamic Fiction refers to creative, imaginative, non-preachy fiction books written by Muslims and marketed primarily to Muslims. Islamic Fiction may be marketed to secular markets, too. The content of these books incorporates some religious content and themes, and may include non-fictionalized historical or factual Islamic content with or without direct reference to the Qur’an or the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh). The stories may also include modern, real life situations and moral dilemmas (MWP)


Submissions should be sent via email ONLY to using the following format.


  1. Microsoft Word document; Times New Roman font; 12 points, double spaced.


  1. Full contact details on the first page.


  1. Paginated.


Send in the best versions of your best work to increase your chance Sodiq (2)of being accepted. Our emphasis is on quality writing.


Further enquiries should be directed to

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