The Hungry Soul

The Hungry Soul

Deep in my heart
There is a quest
To follow you till my death
Everlastingly resting in thy rest

Lord sustain my spirit
Let me not get dispirit
Lord sustain my faith
To walk in virtue without much wait

Lord guard and guide your son
Under the scorching and scratching sun
Lord let me not wander off
Like a wingless dove

Lord be with me in my oceanic journey
For the river of life is stormy and stony
Still this storm for your son
That I may cry in the joy of fun

Lord deep in my soul
You are the only and sole
Source of my strength
So never Thy son forget

For so long, this hungry soul has been longing for his redeemer in the fleeting world. He has killed his knee in praying but he shall not rest till his soul rest in His Maker. So pray with the hungry soul.

One thought on “The Hungry Soul” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. @SUNNYDEMAJESTY. Nice one, although I’m not really religious let me still say amen to your prayers.

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