Final Escape (3)

Final Escape (3)

“I see you are smarter than other girls your age, but that has only made me want you more, you have also hurt my pride and I will make you suffer for it. It is what the lord wants and I shall fulfil his desire.”

“What are you doing? Please let me go!” she cried and fought but he was just too strong for her. He pushed her down on one of the long comfortable cushion chairs in the sitting room, but comfort was the last thing on her mind then, she fought for freedom but it was no use, she screamed and cried for help but he scoffed and laughed at her.

“You can scream all you want but just as you have noticed there is no one here to help you”  and then he started to peel off her clothes tearing at them as roughly as he had dragged her down, his mission had been accomplished.

Yusuf ran in and jumped in on the bed he shared with his parents beside his mother who was sleeping. “Don’t you ever do things gently” she said as she sat up straight “just look at how filthy you are, please get up and go and shower don’t ruin the bed sheet with your sweat I know you have been playing ball on the streets again, you never listen. Now get up before I spank you” she ordered. Yusuf got up slowly and reluctantly and obeyed his mother’s instructions even though he knew she would never spank him no matter how many times she threatens to do so. She watched him leave and then looked at the wall clock it was quarter past seven!

“I can’t believe I slept off , Musa said he will come home early today and I have not prepared dinner” she spoke to herself as she hurriedly jumped out of bed  and remade the bed before she went to the backyard to prepare dinner.


“Christiana get up and clean yourself up I have new and fresh clothes about your size upstairs for you to wear, you’ve been asleep since” he tugged at her bloody lifeless body. “It wouldn’t have been like this; if only you did not fight me it would have been smooth and easy.” He tapped her again, still there was no response, he began to panic, he tapped and called her again and again yet no response, he felt her pulse and then he knew he was in big trouble, she was dead!

He had been tying only a towel, he quickly grabbed his boxers and clothes that were scattered on the floor and wore them hurriedly putting the buttons in the wrong holes. He paced up and down the living room scratching his head; he didn’t know she was so fragile, this has never happened before most of the girls he’d taken had only cried none of them had died in his hands. His obsession for young girls had put him in trouble, he had to do something fast. He took another look at her and then he shook her may be that could bring her back from dead, he was so wrong, no matter how hard he shook or called or slapped the shocking fact was that the poor girl was gone.

He sat on the couch beside the dead girl and then he stood up again scratching his head and then he sat down again he was nervous and confused, he took another look at the girl and then he inhaled deeply and then let it out slowly. “Calm down and think, the lord is in control all you have to do is think and you will find a solution to your problem, now breathe in and breathe out again but this time you have to be focused” David took another deep breath and let it out slowly he repeated the process over and over again clearing his mind trying to think of a way out of his predicament. He had always gotten away with his escapades because he usually bought the parents of his victims with huge amounts of money and gifts but he knew he would never be able to get out of this one he had to think of something fast.


5 thoughts on “Final Escape (3)” by Aminat (@Aminat)

  1. I’m just joing the train, waiting to see how the story unfolds. I’m yet to get the direction the story is going.

  2. hmmm….

    Like I said…you need to find a way to seperate the sceanrios so they don’t get mixed up.

    The Yusuf and his mother’s part just read like an intrusion into a narrative flow. You needed to have separated it either by gapped paragraph or with a line. It could be a confusing read when you leave it like this.

    Nice going though…

  3. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    the twist! is she dead? same thing i spotted in episode one has repeated itself here again. one can not be one’s own editor, get some one close to proof-read for you or take extra time to re-edit.

  4. Aminat (@Aminat)

    Thanks everyone for reading, I’ll try to make the corrections as you have said I was unable to make corrections because I already submitted them. But I promise to be extra careful with the next installments.
    Thanks guys!

  5. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Bastard. Hmmm I like the fact that I’m not sure where this is going, Im getting bored with predictable stories and with this one I can not predict so I’m finding this rather exciting.

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