Doomsday Paradise

There is a storm brewing

Raging in the cauldron of death

Boiling over the furnace of doom

There is a storm coming

Can you hear it in the silence?

The ghosts rejoice

The earth weep

Destruction is near.


Darkness hovers over the surface of the deep

There is a calm

Belying the volcano erupting beneath

The air is still

The world is silent

A sense of danger pervades

Nature’s siren goes into overdrive

In a moment,

And all is lost


2 thoughts on “Doomsday Paradise” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. Inspiring @topazo.
    I like it just like the first time.
    That silence before the siren does it for me.

  2. @TOPAZO. Good one well written but all the doomsday prophesy is really scary.

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