Death By Banging: 2

A siren sounded somewhere not too far and Amara ducked behind a tree. She knew how much trouble she was in as it was, being caught with drugs would definitely be the nail on her coffin. When she got to the corner that led to Pretoria central, she called her friend Biodun on the phone. If you wanted dependable, she was it and God knew Ama needed that at that moment.

“Hi, babe! What’s up? Are you home?” She got an affirmative response and told Biodun that she was on her way.

Ama could hear the tiredness in Biodun’s voice even though the latter tried to hide it with a short chuckle. She knew Biodun was going to drill her with her usual array of questions, but she would rather have that than keep walking on the streets of Pretoria Central with a parcel of ten kilo cocaine in her purse.

Biodun was a teacher and they had met at one of the owanbe parties that Biodun’s uncle had thrown. For whatever reason, the two ladies had immediately hit it off. Ama couldn’t explain it because she would have categorized Biodun as one of the stuck-up types that thought others were a bunch of low-lifes.

She actually had thought so initially. But the chat they had ended up having was an interesting one from the mouth of a ‘goody-two-shoes’. They had clicked and it had been a surprise to a lot of people. Biodun didn’t judge her mode of dressing. Ama had worn a backless gown with the cheek of her butt almost visible. Her make up was shadowy and dark, like one would expect from her kind.

Biodun had flinched but she had given Ama a very endearing smile and commented on how glowing her skin was.

“I wish I could rock that heels,” Biodun had said as she tapped Ama on the arm. It was a meet that had left Ama being grateful.

Biodun would not complain about Amara’s lifestyle but would counsel her as often as she could. She was her common sense and she needed that common sense right then as she walked the street. She knew it was going to be followed by a lot of heavy curse words and Ama smiled.

Biodun was polite and soft spoken but the girl was a harsh Lagosian. She loved when Biodun showed that side of her. Ama had seen her in action one night at a club where one of the guys had grabbed Biodun wrongly. The guy had ended up with cold ice between his legs.

Even Ama couldn’t understand some of the insulting words Biodun used that day, but it sure was a pleasant experience. And as for Biodun and Amara, well, they had ended up being barred from coming back to the club. It was a night Ama fell in love with the tall, busty cutie-pie.

“Bad ass bitch!” She wished so much she could be like Biodun, party hard but live well. Ama couldn’t understand how boundary worked, she always missed where the line was. That was how she got herself into this mess in the first place, she mused.

She heard someone make a cat-whistle and she walked faster. Her jacket wasn’t big enough to keep out the September harsh wind, but she dragged herself along. She shivered in spite of her feet in her animal-skin, ankle length boots. Her feet hurt in the stupid thing because she had been walking in the damned thing for thirty minutes now. Six hundred rands and the stupid thing had hurt like hell. What happened to the comfort she was supposed to get, as the advert had said. She shook her head as she made a mental note to get a pedicure if she survived the next two days.

She approached Biodun’s apartment building with caution. Church street was rid with bold-faced, angry Nigerians. It was the first place a Nigerian newbie gets when he entered Pretoria. Biodun’s building was one of the posh ones, there weren’t many of those there. It had a gym and a swimming pool.

Ama had wanted to move in with her but Biodun had a grumpy gay flat mate who thought Ama was a gutter rat that would mess up their cosy little haven. Ama tried Biodun’s number again and there was no answer. Then she heard the security gate open. Ama’s nose caught a whiff of familiar rosemary.

“What trouble are you in now, Amz?” Biodun asked as she wrapped a shawl around Ama.

“Huh?” Ama replied, grinding her teeth. Her body had started feeling the cold.

“I have been standing here since you called. Girl, you gonna get yourself stuffed in a bin somewhere!” Biodun exclaimed as she drew the shivering girl towards herself.

She was safe, for now, she was safe, Ama thought with such relief.

9 thoughts on “Death By Banging: 2” by Lola Lola (@eclecticmissy)

  1. Felt like I was watching a movie..nice one

  2. ‘Ama had wanted to move in with her but Biodun had a grumpy gay flat mate who thought Ama was a gutter rat that would mess up their cosy little haven. ‘

    Number 1 – That was a believable scenario you painted in that line; the fact that Biodun had a flatmate who was gay – in SA this is very possible.
    Number 2 – Your characters are coming up well developed; in telling us about the gay flatmate, you already painted a picture of the kind of gay person he was – one that loved sanctity, a sort of decency and a neatness freak. When a story’s character’s are richly developed, its like the spice that makes a pot of stew taste good.
    Also the juxtaposing of Biodun and Amara’s personalities makes a colorful contrast.


    1. eclecticmissy (@eclecticmissy)

      Thank you very much. I learnt how you always emphasize on character development. I appreciate you.

      1. eclecticmissy (@eclecticmissy)

        And afronuts, I guess it was easier because I lived in Pretoria for over a year with an eccentric gay bff. He inspired the story and another friend of mine sa.

  3. You told your story really well, well done. And what a title!

    1. eclecticmissy (@eclecticmissy)

      Thank you sirsam. I appreciate you for reading.

      and innolafia, you are in for a ride, sir. It gets crazier and raunchier. Thanks for reading too.

  4. I’m joining the train just in time. This is a realistically possible stroy.

    Waiting for the next…

    1. eclecticmissy (@eclecticmissy)

      Coming right up, mister

  5. Kel (@KelWriter)

    Good follow up. The suspense built with the walk down the street towards Biodun’s house was very ingeniously done. The cat-calls and the hurried steps. The portrayal of Biodun as the very girl Ama would like to be but feels she’s just out of reach and finally the dose of Mr. Gay and his perfect life view in there. All great plot elements. Let’s see where this leads :)

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