The Chattering Roads

You never know where your life can lead to, one moment you are sleeping peacefully in your room, the other…you screaming in a car about impact 22,000 pound Tanker on a road.

One moment you can see a life of prosperity stretched indefinitely in front of you, the other minute, you are in a pool of your own blood, watching as all your bodily function functions inevitably shut till you breathe you last.

The chance-nature, chaotic mien and randomness of life itself is genius no matter how you look at it. While there is no point to life, there is a point to life all you have to do is look hard enough.

These were all thoughts dancing at the back of mind on the 26th of November 2014 when I became aware.

My name is Tunde Danmole and I have somethings to tell you all.

1. “Tunde stand up…Tunde you have to wake up”…A voice Tunde did not know or recognize roused Tunde from sleep. He sat up, rubbed his eyes with his left hand and tried remembering what the voice was trying to tell him but he couldn’t remember no how he tried. He shrugged and stood up from his bed. He looked at the clock on the wall, the time was 7.25am. He shuffled to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

His memories though fuzzy from sleep remained crystal. His eye caught a figure’s movement from the corner of his eye but he nonchalantly continued shuffling around the room as if he did not notice. On this day he didn’t know what life had in store for him or what tragedy that fate had conspired to have him taste. Tunde had always heard voices when no one was speaking and seen shadows move in the background when there was no one there. These phenomena resulted in a childhood of nightmares, hiding under the sheets and continuous pastoral visitations inspired by his mother. In the end, his parents and all his siblings had convinced him to relegate these happenings to the back of his mind. If he saw or heard anything nowadays, it was muffled or muzzled and even if clear, he always ignored it.

Tunde’s family was a large family of 5 children with him being the second to the last. His father was a hulking man of considerable presence who never really paid him any attention except when he was still experiencing the night terrors of his childhood. His mother was a beautiful woman hardened by the years. His mother was there for all her kids. To Tunde, she was his friend who always told him stories of wonderment and fantasy, who never mocked his night terrors or demeanor but she always encouraged him ignoring them. His sisters who were the first and third children and his brothers whom were the second and last children always formed a cocoon of protection around their brother. He was the proverbial family nut case who every one protected.

But, this day was not about his issues, it was about the family travelling to their hometown Iganle to visit his grandparents. He knew there was a serious reason for the visit but he did not, as usual bother himself about what was going on around him.

2. At 12.15pm, the Danmole family packed themselves into the father’s four wheeler Jeep. It was a comfortable car for a family of seven. The father started the car and the humming and static started all of a sudden, Tunde became dizzy and nauseous all at once. As he slipped in and out of consciousness he saw a figure, an imposing man with fuzzy features. But he noticed that man had purple skin with no eye balls. The purple fuzzy man seemed to be screaming but Tunde only heard static. He screamed as his eye sight worsened and the static grew louder. The static suddenly stopped and there was a hole in the middle of compound, everything and everyone seemed to be stuck in movement. He could not see or hear the purple man anymore.

The hole was black and seemed to flickering in and out of existence, pulsating with some unknown energy and the sides seemed to made or encased in living, continually bleeding flesh. He walked slowly towards the hole held up by nothing and looked into it. He saw a large gigantic man, whose eyes seemed to reflect the skies. The man’s nose belched continuous noxious fumes while the top of his chair had miniature cumulonimbus clouds that thundered and poured rain on him without stop. The man opened his eyes and noticed Tunde, he growled “you are looking into places that will destroyed you”. He unceremoniously lifted his hands and flames borne by screams of suffering voices proceeded towards Tunde. He screamed and the hole imploded into itself before the flames got to him. He opened his eyes with own screams still ringing in his ears.

His mother rushed to the back seat where he customarily sat alone and cuddled him as she simultaneously sang songs of liberation and his familial comfort. She crooned and he calmed and he noticed worried expressions on all his siblings. His father seemed distant and if worried, said nothing.

After 10 minutes, his eyes cleared up and he sat up in the car. His mother gave him a drink of water and nodded at him in encouraged. He mustered a husky “I am fyine” and his mother smiled mysteriously. She went back to seat with her husband before exchanging some hushed words with him…and the car moved to start of darkness.

3. As the car settled into a comfortable lull of movement, the danmole family all found their zone of comfort around the lumock of a car. Even Tunde felt safe from his demons as his mother kept looking back and smiling at him. Tunde eventually fell into a sleep of eerie blackness. He just slept until he felt the car slow down and he heard someone shouting from afar. He jerked awake and sat up as he noticed the worried faces of his sibling looking at something. As he looked towards the area of their attention, he noticed that fear had permeated the whole car with only his father free from its effects.

Tunde looked forward to the direction all his family was looking towards and saw some men numbering about nine, all heavily armed with guns he had only noticed in movies. They had stopped a whole row of car and were frantically searching them while firing in the air and screaming at all occupants to kneel down by the road side. The father seemed to be thinking of reversing the car and escaping but it seemed one of the armed men noticed his movements and came running towards them while firing into car the at the same time. The world exploded into grind of fire, metal and the screams of his siblings as he scrambled to understand what was going on. By the time the sole armed man ran up to the car and stopped firing his hand gun, Tunde notice his last brother had stopped moving or crying. There seemed to be a lot of blood all around and his father was screaming obscenities while his mother screaming, pleading and crying all at the same time. His sisters were hugging each other while his first brother was shaking the last brother and begging for a response.

For some reason, all the nine men abandoned all the other cars and came up to the danmole’s car. They tore his father from the car while five of them descended on him, kicking him and hitting him with the butt of their guns. The remaining four roughly ushered the mother and four kids including Tunde out of the car. They ignored the last brother and left him in the car still motionless. They forced the father to kneel down while asking him all sorts of incomprehensible questions while the mother and the four kids cried silently with the mother begging the men and asking what they wanted. From the scene, the men seemed not to have taken anything from any of the other cars they had ransacked and persisted in asking the father several questions. The father had a bloody visage with almost every visible part of body bleeding red in the receding light of the sun.

He stubbornly kept mute refusing to rise to their physical albeit violent alterations to his physical form. They would keep going at him for another solid fifteen minutes with blunt force before tiring themselves out. These men had shining bladed weapons strapped to their waists; it was therefore enigmatic that they chose to keep using blunt force. If there was anything clear, it was the fact that they needed some sort of information from the father. But, this information extraction was, of course lost on the family with the mother weeping loudly begging the assailants to stop their torture. The sisters were weeping in a corner, holding each other tightly while the second brother held Tunde tightly averting his eyes from the carnage before them. After, it seemed the assailant seemed to have tired themselves on the father; they whispered to themselves and seemed to reach some new form of agreement.

They abandoned the father at the spot of his arduous experience and walked slowly towards the family with renewed purpose. The father realizing their intent stood up with inhuman strength and rushed towards them, talking for the first time “don’t touch my family!” One of the assailants fired a barrage of bullets at his legs knocking his balance from under him. A spout of blood gushed from his wounds on his legs and holes miraculously spouted his trousers. The mother immediately rushed from her kneeling spot to her husband, using her hands to futilely stem the flow of blood. The father kept on mumbling and using his hands to crawl towards the assailants. They ignored him and the mother and tore the sisters from each other. Four of the assailants apportioned themselves to the eldest sister while two held the obviously infantile third sister. They were both carried the girls screaming and crying into the under growth at the road side. The second brother abandoned Tunde in an effort to defend his sisters and rushed at the men but was hit in the temple with the butt of a sub machine gun. He immediately crumpled into an unconscious heap. At this time, all other car that had been in the motorcade had long disappeared and the interstate road had become an abandoned ghostly highway to hell.

The four assailants tore the clothes off the first sister while she kept screaming and crying for her god, sister and mother. The mother at this point was galvanized into action to save her babies. Leaving her husband, the mother ran towards the undergrowth where her daughters were held only to be blocked by three non-participatory assailants. These three had cold expressions and seemed to be most determined to get the information from the father. The mother jumped on the remaining assailants of three who did not participate in the acts against her daughters, scratching and raining blows on them. They at first tried physically restraining her but realized her need to protect her offspring had granted the Amazonian strength of gods. The mother tossed one the three assailants aside and rushed toward the undergrowth, but her heroic efforts were crowned when one of the standing assailant fired his sub machine gun at an almost point blank range at her temple. The mother’s head exploded into a fine mess of red, cream and bits of black. The mother immediately crumpled into a heap of clothes, flesh and blood with her blood spraying on the shooter and foliage around. The father screamed, a roar of pain and sorrow, calling his wife name while frantically renewing his crawling towards her body. The father would not notice that his nails had broken off, with his fingertips turning into a mess of blood, bone and sand as continued his weak voyage to his wife’s body.

The assailants all collectively continued to look to his face for some sort of validation of their efforts at breaking his spirit but there was nothing. The father though shouting, had no expression on his face, his eyes sunken and distant like he could not even see the assailants at all. The four assailant continued to hold the eldest sister down while simultaneously looking at the father, three of them held her digits while the forth positioned himself in-between her legs. The eldest sister seeing her mother killed continued to struggle until the one attempting to mount her thrust himself into her. She screamed at the pain and the tears started to flow without end. AT this point she grabbed the assailant on top of her and bit him in the neck causing a fine shower of blood to spray upwards. The assailant cried and struggled to free himself from her grip but the grip tightened. The three assailants hold her marveled at her resolve and started hitting her with their guns and knives but she did not budge. The bleeding assailant finally got a hold of his knife and started stabbing the eldest sister where ever his knife could reach. Blood surrounded the two of them as her blood and his mingled in an ever expanding pool of blood. The eldest sister eventually let go of the bleeding assailant with her eyes rolled up in an expression of eternal enquiry. The bleeding assailant fell on his side, his body jerking as he breathe his last from excessive blood loss.

The second sister would be unable to put up as much of a struggle with the assailants, her small frail body curled in terror and an unavoidable misunderstanding of the situation. The two assailants grabbed her and one of them forced his way into her. Pain suffused her body at the invading force as she feebly struggled. She called for her sister and mother, then her father and her brothers. No one came to her help. The father at this point had stopped crawling as a pool of blood formed around his body, he mumbled some words and the assailants all stopped their actions and walked towards him. The assailants with the eldest sister kicked her body aside, grabbed their dead comrade and walked towards the father. The two with the second sister walked away from her pulling up their trousers. The Eight assailants with their dead comrade walked up to the father and one of them crouched to listen to him. It seemed they had gotten what they wanted, they walked away unceremoniously leaving the father in a pool of his own blood dying. They disappeared into the thicket and Tunde lost sight of them.

Tunde, during the whole happening had been kneeling down watching, stunned into inaction. The assailants had ignored him through it all as if he didn’t matter. He stood up and surveyed the carnage all around him. He saw his last brother, still in the car with a stream of blood running out of the car unto the road. He saw his mother with her brains partially exited from her skull with a vacant expression and sandflies flying in and out of her skull. He saw his sister with several stab wounds and gash on side of her face lying down with the expression of the eternally unsatisfied. Her clothes were strewn all over the place while blood ran down her legs from her privates. He saw the second sister in the thicket sitting while crying and muttering to herself. She was hugging her back while rocking herself gently. He saw his brother on the side of the road, unconscious with blood running down his face. He saw his father, still expressionless, pool of blood around him and eyes closed in eternal acceptance of defeat.

Tunde saw all of this…

And he screamed with all his strength till the world faded to black and all things stopped moving.


4. A road of red brick with no sides and a multitude of black figures all wailing crying for the several desires, wants and pain. At the end of this road was mouth filled with pustules and sore devouring the figures at a dozen and licking its lips with relish. Tunde found himself powerlessly carried along with this multitude of darkness towards the disembodied mouth. Tunde fought and screamed to turn back and walk against the figures but it was futile as he inevitable neared being devoured by the mouth. Each time the mouth devoured the dark figures, one of its endless pustules burst in fetid, foul smelling puss of orange and black ooze. Suddenly, a rope of lightening grasped Tunde at his waist and lifted him over the head of the multitude into an unnoticeable hole in the borderless side of the red road that closed up immediately. Before him without warning was the man with a purple skin and no eyes telling him “I tried warning you, you should not be here”…suddenly he heard his mother’s voice from afar “wake up Tunde, it is time for food”.

Tunde sprang up in a bed with white sheets and faces all around. He wiped his eyes as someone yelled “he is awake”. There was a flurry of white robes all around as a kind face of man in white wearing horn rimmed glasses asked him if he was okay. Tunde mumbled out a reply, asking the man for his family. The man answered, it will all be fine and pressed a syringe into Tunde’s arm. He felt a sharp pain and the world faded to black again.

The man with the purple skin was at his bed side with his parents, his eldest sister and his last brother. His family members were all riddled with wounds of different types but seemed not to be in pain as they smiled at him with sorrow riddled eyes. The man with the purple skin and no eyes stared in his direction without uttering a word and Tunde slowly opened his eyes to the hospital ward. This time, the first brother was there at his side sitting on a chair with bandages on his head. Tears kept streaming down his face as he looked at Tunde and held his hands. Tunde asked him “brother why are you crying” and the first brother answered “it isn’t I who should be alive”, “I slept through it all, and didn’t defend my mother and sisters”. Tunde didn’t understand why his brother was talking this way but kept quiet. He asked his brother for his parents and siblings and the brother replied that they were gone, that the assailants had killed all their family except the eldest brother, the second sister and Tunde. He went on explain that even the last sister had become incommunicado, muttering only to herself and refusing to look at anyone’s face. She would become violent if anyone but the first brother approached her bed. The first brother’s tears continued streaming as he suddenly stopped his narrative in the middle and started muttering “I am not strong enough, I can’t do this”. He smiled at Tunde and stood, he then said “I am sorry”. Tunde asked him “what are you sorry about? “And he replied with a pained smile and told Tunde to eat the meal the nurses just dumped on his bedside. Tunde picked up the tray and hungrily devoured its contents. When he looked up, the first brother had walked away.

Tunde was silent for a long time and he eventually drifted in sleep. A few days passed without the first brother coming to see him. All the hospital staff continued to talk in more frenzied hushed tones around him. The first brother showed up after four days but his hospital robe was dirty and the right side of his face seemed unnaturally raw but Tunde was glad for the company. The first brother sat for five minutes without uttering a word and stood up to walk away. The elderly bespectacled doctor would show up later that evening to talk to Tunde. He broke the news suddenly and without ceremony “your elder brother committed suicide, I am sorry to tell you this but, you are responsible for your sister now and you have to take responsibility”. The man paused as if to gauge Tunde’s response and continued “he jumped off the roof of the hospital two days ago and he died immediately on impact with the concrete ground, I am sorry to have to tell you this tragic happening after the last, I am genuinely sorry”. Tunde kept mute, a numbness descending upon his very being. But he was strangely not surprised by the notification of his eldest brother’s death. The doctor continued “your sister is ward 7b, it has become necessary that you see her since she has not eaten or bathed for three days…No one can go near her since she becomes very violent”. “do you understand?” Tunde nodded and attempted to get out of bed, immediately he stood on his two feet, his legs failed him and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as his vision become blurry darkening to black. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw his dead brothers and the purple man watching him.

5. 3 month passed in quick succession, Tunde had receded into himself barely talking to anyone. His sister had come to tolerate his presence even in her madness. Life as they say, moved on around him. His grandfather and uncle came from the village to pick both of them up from the hospital as the news of his family’s murder eventually got to them. His grandfather, Adigun was a heavyset man of indiscernible mien like his murdered first son. His eye spoke of many secrets that his mouth would never utter. Immediately Tunde met him, something inside him was unlocked, he didn’t know what it was but it unlocked nonetheless. Tunde noticed a humanoid leopard with red blood skin instead of yellow with dark eyes following his grandfather around. If it noticed him starring, it ignored his scrutiny. His grandfather scowled and growled at him “don’t stare at aranyan”. Nobody else seemed to notice the leopard so Tunde said nothing about it.

Their journey to his family’s village was uneventful. The day was painted in grey like all days in recent memory and Tunde was not ready to argue with his uncle about anything. If anything he was grateful that the visions of his dead family had stopped since that morning his grandfather showed up. He, at this stage chose to call them visions. He packed his clothes unceremoniously and went to get his sister. She seemed calm for the moment as he sat near her and packed all her prescripted drugs into a plastic bag. They came to the hospital with nothing and it seemed they would be leaving with even less. He held her hand and she followed him sheepishly making indiscernible motions with her mouth. He led her into the waiting car driven by his uncle and sat down. Tunde realized without panic that this was the end of the carefreeness that he had once called living. He was on his own now, and he had a mentally incapable sister to take care of as well. While thinking this, the breeze from the open window lulled him to sleep.

A voice kept calling him, a familiar voice that Tunde knew he wasn’t meant to hear. He opened his eyes and saw his body asleep on the car seat. His grandfather was in the front passenger seat muttering to himself, while his uncle kept driving. As he wondered was going on, he noticed the man with the purple skin in the back seat. His eyes were bleeding green and he spoke audibly for the first time. “So, you can hear me now, Adigun’s coming was double edged but that is good. They know where you are now and they won’t stop till your essence is gone from circle of Aye and Axexe. The place you are going to is good place for you but you must beware of the roads and the forest. The roads eat people and forest is alive. You are the vengeance of Olodumare, Oxossi, who challenged the gods and won while losing everything, open your eyes my master, my power cannot protect you anymore from those who desire your death”

Tunde opened his eyes, startled to realize he had been dreaming. He looked around and he noticed they were at a gigantic gate/entrance of sorts. The gate had a tattered look but inspired an air of dignity and long suffering. There was a sole man at the gate, he was dress in a tattered garb while holding a cane and rusted Dane gun slung on his back. Tunde could not see his face and he, for some reason wasn’t curious. The man signaled the car to a stop and Adigun got down. He spoke to the gateman in hushed tone and the gateman turned to face the gate. While Adigun walked back to the car, the gateman seemed to be speaking to something as the gate changed from the tattered gate in to a metal gate of indescribable strength. The gate swung open and car moved past it. If Adigun and Tunde’s uncle noticed the change, they said nothing.

6. Iganle Village was a quiet village of caring faces. Everyone seemed to be radiating warmth and satisfaction. But the roads and the shrubbery seemed to pulsate with unnatural life. The road kept changing and Tunde kept seeing eyes of all colours in the bush. But, he remembered his mother’s words and he ignored all the unnaturalness around. Since the villagers seemed not to care, he decided to not to breathe a word of what he saw. The last sister who had been quiet all this time remained caught up in her own private world of the more indiscernible.

Adigun ushered Tunde and the last sister into his house. The house was a warm house with pictures hung all around. In a corner of the sitting room he noticed his full family portrait. Adigun showed the two of them into a room and spoke for the first time. His voice boomed and seemed to shake the walls of the house. “This will be you and funto’s room, keep it clean and take care of your sister. You and I need to talk still but rest first.”

Tunde immediately ushered his sister into the bathroom, he cleaned her up as she crooned playful waving her arms. He dressed her up and she fell into the bed, falling asleep almost immediately. Tunde smiled as it seemed she was getting better; she had not had any violent episode since she was in his keep. He realized he was hungry but he wanted to take his bath as well. As he stripped his clothes, he noticed everything was too silent. The crickets were not making any noise neither could he hear the wind. He looked around and noticed a woman looking at him through the door way. She was extremely fair with a face that he could only term as beyond beautiful. She walked away from the door and he followed her.

Tunde expected to burst out of his room into the sitting room but he noticed that the doorway of the room only led to a clearing with a transparent set of stair cases that the woman kept climbing. Everywhere was smoke filled as the smoke seemed to emanate from the woman herself but Tunde kept following her until he finally finished climbing the stairs to a room made of mud and beads. The woman sat on a mat and as he approached her he noticed that something was familiarly dangerous about her. She spoke and said “Oxossi, the terror of gods and the vengeance of olodumare, do you slumber still?. I am bored and I tired of olukoso’s unending antics. Awaken and throw this world into chaos once again. Bloody the sky with the blood of the gods and extinguish the cycle of Axexe once again”. She burst into unnatural laughters as her face clouded over and she morphed into an ogre of terrifying ugliness. Then as suddenly as she appeared, she disappeared taking the whole landscape with her. Tunde suddenly found himself in front of adigun’s house.

Tunde walked back, tracing his way back to the room. He noted that this time, he was wide awake and he remembered all that had happened. He cleaned himself up, and got some food from Adigun. As he went to settle for bed, Adigun peeped in and said, we will talk as soon as the cock crows.

7. Iganle Village was in the middle of the harvest season so the normally quiet village was busting with life. When cock crowed in the morning, Tunde had been awake for more than an hour. His sleep had been interrupted by his mother coming to seat down by his bed while he slept. She looked at him with tender eyes and stroked his head. He mused quietly that his visions had become clearer in iganle. He didn’t even need to be asleep anymore to see the thing he perceived. He performed his morning rites of hygiene and sat in the sitting room waiting for Adigun. His grandfather came out and asked “how is funto?”, Tunde answered “she is asleep still”. Adigun grunted ad walked out fully into the sitting room. The leopard man was with him this time. His grandfather was dressed in a strange variant of agbada that seemed to have some life of its own. It continually belched white smoke which disappeared immediately into the surrounding. Adigun spoke without breaking “Tunde, I have lost my dawodu (first son), your father and nearly all his family. Your father was on his way to the village to escape those who would bring harm to us”. He paused and brought out a kola nut from the living agbada. He bit off a sizeable amount and his eyes immediately lit up with flames. He continued “Our enemies, their blood will form the foundation of death around their abode. I know you are a son of your father but we will go speak to the gods who break the sky for direction. It is time we knew your path, come with me Tunde.”

Adigun and Tunde walked out of the house on to a path of the main road. The road continually whispered with small creatures of light and colours dancing along the road side. The trees seemed to come to life and whisper Tunde’s name but he had been told by his mother never to answer a call from anyone he could not see physically. Adigun walked briskly in front of Tunde until they came to a clearing with a hut made of pure ivory and metals too magnificent for Tunde to describe. The house was an anomaly in a village of mud houses and thatch. It seemed the magnificence was lost on his grandfather so Tunde kept to himself as usual. Adigun brought out a miniature gourd from the living agbada, he spoke to it and said “ifa the living arbiter of all that lives, the skin of our teeth beseeches your servants, the leaves of the palm tree at your feet while the code of fate in your mouth, we have come with the salt you wanted, please divine the roads for us”, Immediately, the surrounding chatter of life and the forest went quiet. A young man dressed in an well-fitting suit came out of the house and spoke very harshly to Adigun.

“Adigun, you are overstepping your boundaries. You know I the mouth piece of ifa is here yet you dare to converse with a god yourself. You overestimate your audience with the gods”. Adigun smiled and said “here is the salt and kola, the mouth piece of ifa, olugbemi”. The young man received the salt and kola and lingered on Adigun before bringing out a set of beads from his pocket. The beads continually changed shape and he struck them on the ground. Immediately, a pattern appeared on the ground and started to glow but the young man seemed unimpressed. He looked at Adigun and acknowledged Tunde for the first time, “whom is this and why are the vines of his life indiscernible”. Adigun whispered something to him and his eyes lit up. “I see nothing about him only void as if some huge powers cover his destiny from us”. Tunde noticed immediately that he seemed to have 3 eyeballs, each coloured differently in his eyes. The young suited man whom Adigun had referred to as olugbemi kept looking at the ground trying to decipher the glowing patterns until suddenly Tunde noticed that Adigun had stopped moving. He looked around him and everything was stuck in motion. Even the sky had taken an unnatural shade of orange with the sky turned black and bleeding black tar.

Everything had stopped moving except Olugbemi, the ear of ifa. He adjusted his suit, looked at Adigun frozen in place and smirked. He then addressed Tunde directly “I have been waiting for you for a while. Your fool of a grandfather lacks the sight that we both do. You will tell me where the shrine of vengeance lies and you will give me the key.” He slapped his two hands together and a wind of smoke blew from the shockwave created by his motion. Tunde was immediately carried and flung several meters. Tunde felt pain unlike anything he had ever felt; it seemed his right leg was broken. Tunde slowly stood up and hobbled towards Adigun who was still caught in the spell of stillness. He looked toward the proxy of ifa who sought his life and noticed that Olugbemi’s immaculate garb of an English suit slowly diminished into his body and was replaced by an agbada of red and black. A fearsome mask appeared on his face and he spoke with a voice unlike a voice stating

“Whenever we tell ogbo(leaf) Is what Ogbo (only) hears , Whatever we tell ogba(barn), Is what Ogba (only) accepts. Me, the son of olugbemi, servant of ifa reminds the ones on high that the day (the stem of) a climber is cut, is when its leaves wither. I speak to the winds of ill and songs of water that the strength of old be granted me to smite the enemies of the gods”.

Immediately he spoke this words he was surrounded by mass of leaves, sand and smoke. What emerged from the pillar of debris was unlike anything Tunde thought he would see in his life time. When the smoke cleared, olugbemi had become a gigantic figure of proportional mass. Tunde knew that this behemoth would kill him unquestionably but his wish was for the survival of his grandfather so that funto would not be alone. As olugbemi gathered his strength to muster speed to crush Tunde in toltality, a figure landed from the skies obliterating the ground where he landed. Olugbemi and Tunde were flung back by the impact and Tunde sight became fuzzy. His earing too, became muzzled. He struggled to stand up with his broken appendage and noticed the red leopard man, Aranyan fighting for his life with the Cyclops. The Cyclops seemed unfazed by Arayan and struck him mightily in the face sending him flying. The Cyclops thundered “I am olugbemi, son of the lion of iganle. My dictate is that of ifa and no powerless familiar will stand in my way. It seems I underestimated adigun’s preparedness, I will kill him first”. He then started walking towards Adigun with new purpose. Tunde cursed his fate, he wept as he hobbled towards his grandfather. He heard the voice of the purple man screaming in an unknown language and then something happened.

“how was I reincarnated into a fool, a coward and a worthless gnat”…”this is unacceptable for my body to be trashed around by an insignificant avatar”…”I can’t believe this how much ifa thought of me”…Tunde kept hearing a voice that was his speaking this words but he was sure he was not the one speaking them. He looked around and a river of red blood silk fabric flowed around him with nothing and no one in sight. “Look at yourself you worthless fool, look how far you have fallen”. Tunde turned to look around again but was confronted this time by himself. He was wearing a flowing red agbada that seemed to have a life of its own. All the fabric for miles seemed to originate from the agbada. His other reflection seemed angry without direction and raged at him “you lost your family and let funto run mad because of your refusal to accept your destiny, coward!. Now you will allow Adigun and aranyan to die for you. I refuse to allow this!. Not in front of mine eyes!!. Ajala, my slumber is over!!”

Olugbemi watched as Tunde’s visage suddenly changed, a crack appeared in spell of stillness as the entire visage of stillness shattered and everything went back into motion. Adigun came out of reverie ad saw what olugbemi had become and saw that he was about to be killed. Olugbemi thundered “it is impossible, it is not possible. There is none in creation that can unlock what ifa has locked, what is happening??!!!”. Olugbemi and Adigun looked at Tunde and they noticed his eyes were an unnatural shade of glowing red, he was snarling at olugbemi and his clothes had completely changed to an agbada of living red that kept morphing around Tunde and speaking with many tongues, Tunde looked up and spoke with a voice of a thousand voices. His voice alone caused shockwaves that knocked everything back from him. He spoke clearly and with authority

“Oxossi dictates that

If Agbe crows in the forest

All Agbe’s colleagues would echo the crowing of Agbe

If Aluko crows in the dale

All the Aluko’s colleagues would echo its crowing

Olugboun (Natural Echo), Echo my voice.”

The sonics boom that emanated from Tunde’s voice proceeded towards Olugbemi in waves obliterating and dismantling every part of the cyclop’s body. Olugbemi kept crying “baba mi, ifa!!, Baba mi ifa!!!”, if Tunde noticed Olugbemi’s total powerlessness, he seemed not to care. Tunde’s agbada cried out “Agbara Oxossi!!!” And the waves of sound rose up into the sky for a split second and then came down obliterating everything within the earshot of shrine. Adigun screamed at the onslaught “Tunde! Tunde!, wake up!!, this isn’t my son!”. But at the last second of impact, Tunde’s agbada elongated and wrapped itself around Adigun and the unconscious wounded Aranyan shielding them from the explosion. After the sound of debris falling from the sky had stopped, Adigun looked up, and Tunde was crumpled in a corner with the red living agbada gone and there was no trace of olugbemi or the hut. There were tree everywhere uprooted from their roots. Adigun carried Tunde and spoke “aranyan go before me”. Immediadiately, the red leopard woke up and turned into streaks of red fire and hail burning and clearing all the debris around them to make an escape route for them. Adigun…felt fear…for his grandson and from his grandson.

…To be continued.

16 thoughts on “The Chattering Roads” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. agamemnonamaeshina (@)

    Please, it us important that i get feedback. I want to know whether to continue the story.

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Oh wow! Its as if you posted all the episode in one. The length is what will first turn people away from reading. Now, I haven’t read it because I feel I’d get lost inside of it. I will get back to u once I succeed in reading it. Please next time, 1200 is quite enough.

  3. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Okay! I am back. For now, I have read up to #3. These are my observations.

    Firstly, I think the title fits the story. I don’t like the cover picture. Remember, it is how you present your work on the surface that pulls readers in.

    Then the story began. You struggled with typos which can be easily fixed by reediting. I honestly wanted to point out each line and wordings that needed to be fix but I read the story through my phone so bare with me.

    ” My name is Tunde Danmole and I have somethings to tell you all.”
    After reading that line, I thought Tunde would be the narrator but that wasn’t the case. But considering that tunde was at the scene of the accident watching every horrible scene that happened, me think he should have been the story teller. It would have added more emotion to it. I mean the guy seeing his mom get beaten, elder sister gets raped and killed, younger brother gets shot, dad beaten to the point of death, another sister gets raped. Like damn! If we had heard it from his point of view then definitely we would have felt every sad emotions more.

    Also, the numbering of events was not needed. Tunde sees things other people do not see. Hmmm very interesting! But how old is he? If you have told us his age, then as he experienced the incident with his family, his innocence or should I say his young age would constantly ring a bell on your readers mind. Like wow, how can a 7 year old be allowed to experience such. Scared childhood am sure would be their conclusion.

    But wow! I have to give it to u, as brutal as those scenes you created, I wanted more. I don’t know where u learned it from. Did you watch movies or read novels likh that but you effortlessly brought those heart trenching scenes to life. Was so gooooooooooooood.

    Lol now what else can I say. Yes, this episode should have ended after number 3 of events. Because then, your readers would want to know what’s going to happen to the other sister and who those fucking monsters were! Me think boko haram members though.

    One thing before I go. At the ending you then managed to bring tunde in after his mother had died and all. Very bad. You can’t tell me he just watched the whole thing unfold without moving a muscle. Then again, how old was he.

    You are giving us something different in NS and I love it!!! Plsssssssssss continue this!
    I will read the remaining part later from #4. I hope you are convinced now to continue….

    1. Onu-Okpara Chiamaka (@Onu-OkparaChiamaka)

      This, this comment right here by @ufuomaotebele, says it all.

      Continue. Use her corrections. I have no idea if there is a second part yet, but I shall look now.

      It is a good story.

  4. abdulquadri11 (@Abdulquadri11)

    Actually you have really put something meaningful down…bt next time is something you can just divide into episode(s),so that it will not be too lengthy.

  5. agamemnonamaeshina (@)

    thanks. Ufuoma. Your POV is quite apt. I am experimenting withthe #rd person and 1st person. While everything is happening from tunde’s view, i am experimenting the 3rd person view where no information that tunde does not know will not be given.

    I have seen all your points and i assure you i will take them seriously. very seriously. I will continue tonight and have 1200 words ready immediately, i have like 3 people who have read this.

    Also on the typos, this is my first story. They will not repeat themselves. I will try really hard. Thanks so much. His age is’nt an issue yet. But, my plan is for his age to be disclosed when it becomes an issue.

  6. You have a good story here. The telling needs work.
    Your POV is really important and dipping in and out of third person limited to third person unlimited didn’t help much. And at some point it was first person POV!
    I think you need to read more and do your research so you can decide what works best for this interesting story. I think this is why the narrator kept referring to the siblings as “the first brother” “second sister”. That was odd.
    I think we should read the story from Tunde’s POV as the one that gets affected by everything (Third person limited). I also understand that there are things that others might know that he doesn’t know so that’s why you use the third person unlimited (omniscient) with some parts. The only problem is that the third person omniscient POV takes away the connection, empathy that you feel with characters in third person limited. However, the POV that you settle for should be your choice. As long as you stick with one.
    Or two (if done properly).
    It isn’t unheard of for novels (Harry Porters, Daughters Who Walk This Path) to change POV or even in LONG short stories but this is done when chapters, sections or time changes.
    In short stories, writers tend to use *** and spacing to note change in POV or narrator.

    Other issues I have, the length (I can assure you that my episodes are always a bit more than the 1200 that Ufuoma suggests but I am lucky to have lovely writers and readers on NS who will read it even if it is slightly longer than the norm). Yours was really long. Probably longer than the 2500 words maximum we have here on NS.

    The paragraphing and missing words (please you need to spend more time editing the next episodes).

    Dialogue – It is too bare and mostly lodged in your narrative (Ideally your characters should talk to themselves. Helps you observe the SHOW, DON’T TELL rule. Try to avoid dialogue just so as to give information to your readers – You did that at the hospital)

    As I have said, you have a good story here. Please make it shine.
    Well done.

  7. I apologise for going on and on.
    And Harry Potter was what I meant to type.

  8. agamemnonamaeshina (@)

    @olajumoke Please don’t be sorry. I appreciate your words so much. As i said in reply to @ufuomaotebele I am trying to skip in between an omniscient and1st person view while limiting all information given to only what tunde knows. But i will try to make it a show , don’t tell while still detailing all necessary convocations between characters.

    I am working on another story currently and adding more to this one. I am definitely noting all corrections and effecting them. This is my first story (while not an excuse), i will work on my next chapters and limit what i post to 1200 words.

    I appreciate this forum so much. I am learning at a geometric rate. Once i get one more person who reads this with corrections. I will upload the continuation.


  9. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Well, for one thing, this was too rushed. It is obvious you were very excited as you wrote this, which is a good thing if your energy is channelled well. In this VERY long episode, suspence after suspence followed. There was no breather. You left no space for the reader to comprehend the significance of the shocking revelations or the surreal characters in one scene before you slapped them with another in the next.

    There’s meant to be a kind of action-lull-action-lull-humor(if applicable)-trivia-action flow, if you get what I mean. If there’s excitement from the first scene to the last, with no break for information that helps the reader understand the mystical world better without it necessarily having to excite, then the story just becomes… How do I put this lightly…”Je ne sais quoi” (and no, I don’t mean the good kind)

  10. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Invest heavily in meaningful dialogue between characters. It helps to create this lull and simultaneously provide information.

    Tinkering with POV’s can be very rewarding if done well. That said, you cant just spontaneously change it in the same scene. A marker could help. A pause, an asterisk, a speech from whoever’s POV its about to change to… stuff like that.

    1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

      okay, now I’ve reached the ending. Try to seperate parts whenever people speak from the body of the story. Spacing has been a major issue for first time posters… Trust me, I know.

  11. Agamemnon IV Amaeshina (@)

    @anakadrian thanks for comments. They are hard but noted. I am noting all correction and will definitely effect them henceforth.

    I appreciate you reading my story. I will upload the continuation as soon as i can after considering the corrections


    1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

      The truth is, I really want you to continue. I actually like your story and I want to know where it’s headed. That was just to prick you a bit to bring your ‘A’ game.

  12. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

    So i hardly comment on people’s stories.and all cos well, it could turn out not so Mr Nice guy but since you asked for it…….
    2.IT IS SUPER LONG(I dont blame you though, according to NS if your story exceeds the word limit, they chip it into parts for you.Guess admin has been “too busy” lately)-and i’m surprised there’s a continuation. Like adrian said, its most likely you were overly excited.doing this story.
    3.Im sure the typos is’d work on in future.
    4. I like your creativity with the POVs but It DoesNT woRk that way. Your Character(which im not sure who) shouldnt be OMNIPRESENCE, that only.goes for a specific POV.
    Im gone already, be sure to check out The Quill when its published!!

  13. Agamemnon IV Amaeshina (@)

    @ugochukwu Thanks for the comments. They are noted. I am already working on the corrections. I have checked to see if i can correct this…But it seems i cant. So the correction will have to effected on later stories.

    thanks though.

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