Bloody Tears

The skies weep blood

Or is the tears that cloud our eyes?

The soil now grows bodies, like yam

Buried deep within the ground- lifeless

When did this abomination creep in?

Who welcomed him and gave him water

To wash his feet and palm wine to drink?

Who beckoned to him from afar, and

Promised him a safe haven?

Who gave him a place to stay and a hoe to farm?

Because the stranger now plants men as seed

And waters it with the blood of our children

And has gathered a bounty harvest of wailings

Into his barn and his calabash is full of mourning.

Before the sun settles in the sky, he is drunk on our pain

And the sun leaves him in the evening swaying to the

Rhythm of our dirges.

We watch from afar, none can confront him

Our heads have become women

The warriors have lost their hearts

The skies weep blood

Or is it the tears that cloud our eyes?


2 thoughts on “Bloody Tears” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. @TOPAZO. Deep, very deep. I think the skies weep blood and the tears also clouds our eyes at the same time.

  2. olamiotan (@olamiotan)

    A very nice piece. Enjoyed and envisioned each line of the poem. Beautiful expression.

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