Who will save my naija?

Who will save my naija?

Dark clouds come rolling in,

Converging in on us,

From the Sahara,billowing dust,

From the creeks thunderclaps answer,

The Niger and Benue swell,

And the volcanoes beneath the plateau boil,

From far lands troubles brew,

The storm is about to hit us

We are about to be washed away by storms,

And yet our ears are closed off,

We ignore the battle cry of herdsmen,

And tune out the sounds of explosions,

We’ve learnt to avoid the shrapnel,

We ignore the rumbling beneath our feet,

And pull our coats tight about us,

It is only a light shower for now,

We shield our eyes from the flashing lightening,

It is only the gods at play above,

Our crops blight and yield little,

We won’t starve our shores are open,

There is still oil in the ground underneath us,

Our young are without guiding hands,

The rant of the teacher is only a diatribe,

Reserved is a reward for them in heaven,

What good will nazareth bring forth,

Who will bring mother’s children reason,

Who will hold together these factioned halves,

And hold the stallions to the Eagle,

Who will sound the beagle and call to arms,

Compatriots long and hard sleeping on duty,

Who will open the ears of my father’s children,

And unite a nation dying from itself,

A terrible thing I see out of the desert,

A monster out of the ocean comes,

An avalanche from the hills I see,

And yet my brothers and sisters do nothing,

The torn parts of bodies drag me down,

The blood of innocence drowns my screams,

The cries of born and unborn deafens me,

And yet no one listens to the banshee’s scream,

Again the trumpets are sounding,

A call for one to wield the needle,

One to sew together the torn parts of a nation,

A stitch in the hour before the dawn,

One to patch the hull of this floundering ship,

Before the floods are upon us,

Who will save Nigeria,Mother’s ailing child?

3 thoughts on “Who will save my naija?” by yankyaa terkaa (@tezzndi)

  1. @TEZZNDI. Nice one. We as nigerians are the only ones who can really save our country and until we face up to this collective challenge we are doomed.

  2. You wrote well

  3. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Nice piece…that seems to be the question on everybody’s lips this days #whowillSaveNaija

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