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The weather is truly unpredictable. One minute the sun is so hot that it can roast yam and the next moment it’s raining cat and dogs.

I had just left Mary-Anne apartment and was in the compound when I looked up at the sky and noticed the sun was nowhere to be found as the really dark clouds looked like it was about to rain heavily. It was really windy too and my lodge was pretty far so I decided to stay back at Mary-Anne’s compound for a while and observe if the rain would really fall or Zeus, the Greek mythical god of the sky was just bored. I had no plans of getting my Nike Air Max soaked with water.

The lodge Mary-Anne stays is a lot similar to mine only that it’s a one story building and painted lemon and orange. Horrible colors to paint a house if you ask me but what do I know?

I went to one of the stair-case and sat down on it as the rain finally started to drizzle; I had a feeling I was going to be there a long while so I brought out my phone, launched the music player and shuffled the songs. The voice of Coldplay came alive in my ears as The Scientist played.

My eyes wandered and I caught sight of an excuse for a dog cage. It was an obviously a rushed work of zinc and wood that someone had just nailed together. As the heavy wind flowed, a loose end of the zinc was being blown away and it got stuck on the tyre of a car.

As I watched this with keen interest my mind began to wander and I recalled the events of the past minutes.

I shouldn’t have walked out on Mary-Anne like that, I started to think. I should have maybe sat and figured out a plan concerning her baby… Our baby. I behaved so irrational and just walked away the one moment in my life where walking away was the worst option.

Thinking of it clearly now, I just slept with her only once, there’s every probability that the child is not mine and she just wants to pin the baby on me but let me be sincere with myself, Mary-Anne is a virgin, or at least, was a virgin before I did the deed, the blood that stained her mattress is enough proof.

I should probably go back to her apartment and talk things over with her before she does something silly and maybe call Maxwell. She said she hasn’t seen her period, not she’s pregnant so it may just be a natural delay or something else. I’m going back to her apartment, I concluded.

I was about to stand up and go back to Mary-Anne’s apartment when I was startled by my phone which rang and vibrated rather furiously.

I looked at the screen and speaking of the devil… It was Maxwell. I hesitated to pick the call because I had a feeling Mary-Anne had been silly enough to call him. I let it ring and go to voicemail but he called again within seconds, I knew I was going to have to face Maxwell eventually so I pressed the green button and answered the call.

“Guy, where you dey?” Maxwell said from the other end of the line sounding rather angry. My fears were confirmed.

“I dey around, what’s up?” I asked, trying my possible best to sound casual.

His next reply wasn’t expected.



“Where are you taking me to?” Funmi asked for the umpteenth time as she walked slowly by my side.

“When we get there, you’ll see.” I replied. I was starting to feel really mysterious and I liked it.

I would have preferred if we walked to our destination so that I could actually talk to Funmi and get to know her better but it was really windy and I feared it could start raining very soon so I stopped and boarded a bike.

Funmi makes me curious. I have met a lot of girls and dated more than half of them but none of them had ever given me the butterflies-in-my-tummy effect, there was something different about her.

As we got to our destination, I settled the fare and stepped out of the car with Funmi following closely.

We stood at the front of a building painted milk and brown. It had about six floors, a pool, a car park, and an ice cream stand. The sign board at the front had KELA HOTELS, LOUNGE AND SUITES written boldly on it.

“We are here.” I said with a wide smile.

“What are we doing at a hotel?” Funmi said in a disappointed tone. She probably saw the sign board and quickly read too much meaning the situation.

Oh! We are not going to the hotel…” I started to say but her raised eye brow made me realize that I was wrong. “Okay, it’s a hotel alright but we are not here to book a room or something, the hotel has a lounge and that’s where we heading to.

“Why are we going to the lounge?” She asked still looking suspicious.

“Well its Monday and there’s the Europa league to watch. So we are going to watch football, drink a couple of bottles and maybe I’ll finally get to know you better.” I said grinning. I expected the football thing to be something new to her since most girls don’t like football but Funmi response was rather unexpected.

“It’s too early nah… Kick off for the first match is by 7PM and its just 6PM.” She replied.

“Well, we can start with the knowing-about-you part first,” I said and then added, “you see, if I knew you better, I would have known you watch football too and maybe I wouldn’t have tried to be sweet by bringing you here an hour to kick-off.”

She sighed and then replied, “There’s really not much about me to know but let’s go in anyway.”

I didn’t bother replying. I led the way through the hotel gate. We walked past the swimming pool and ice-cream stand before entering the reception. There were three corridors, all leading to different places, having been here before; I knew the right way to take.

Soon enough we got to a very large square room that had a bar at one edge. The room was dimly lighted with one disco light bulb being the only source of light. There were two seater couch and tables all over the room with a fairly huge TV hung on each of the four walls. The chairs were grouped in twos with a table at the middle. They were positioned in such a pattern that occupants could either face themselves by sitting on opposite chairs or sit side by side; each occupants could clearly watch at least one of the television sets.

The room was empty, safe for the bar attendant and one occupied table at one of the corners. There were three guys who sat round the table but that’s pretty much all I could see as little light got to their table. I could feel something sinister about the gathering and I took Funmi to the farthest table I could find just to in case.

“So what can I get for you ma lady?” I asked in a fake French accent as I dropped on one knee.

“Uhmm… A bottle of Snap would do.” She replied with a smile. The butterflies in my stomach got excited.

“One bottle of snap coming up ma lady.” I said and went to the bar to get her drink.

The bar attendant was a female on black. Her shoes, jean, top and cap were all black. She sat on a really high stool and all her attention was focused on a Nora Roberts novel she grasped so hard, her veins protruded. I looked twenty-ish.

“Excuse me, can I please get a bottle of Snap and a bottle Night train.” I requested.

It took the attendant a while before she closed the book she was reading and asked me what I wanted. I fought the urge to get angry just made my request again without complaining.

She turned to the freezer at her back to get my order and I saw one of the biggest ass I have ever seen in my life. The curve was just the real definition of perfection. Not proud to say it but I could feel some involuntary movements between my legs.

“O boy how far na?” I suddenly heard and snapped back to reality. It took me a while to figure out the person was actually trying to say “O boy how far na?”

I turned to see the person who talked and I was welcomed with the sight of one of the most unkempt beards I have ever seen. It was as if rats ate part of it directly from his face. He was one of the three guys in the lounge.

“I am fine.” I replied in good English.

“You just dey soft anyhow sha with you pink lips and fine Barnie,” he said. Barnie is slang for babe or better still, girlfriend.

Now, if a guy or have see a couple of guy’s converse, you’ll know whining (flattering in this context) is a normal thing. But there was something different about this stranger whining me; I couldn’t quite pinpoint it so I decided to play along.

“No o… I dey learn work for where you dey,” I countered. He smiled lightly. The smile disappeared almost as fast as it came.

“So how far na, who goes you?” He asked.

While schooling at Yaba-Tech, you learn a lot of things. The good, the bad and the ugly. You learn certain basic cultist slangs and “who goes you” is one of them. It basically means you should identify yourself, they want to know if you belong to similar cults or not.

“I’m Maxwell.” I replied calmly and ignorantly. Anything cultism scared the shit out of me.

He laughed.

“Oya show me some love,” he said.

“I no too hold bar on me right now,” I replied switching to pidgin English.

“You no hold bar na him you bring your Barnie come Kela Lounge?” His voice was quite loud.

“Barnie? No o, I no bring any Barnie come o.”

“Who that girl come be na?”

“That one for there?” I asked pointing at Funmi.

“Eh,” he replied. Eh means Yes.

“Na my cousin be that oh, she just come from village yesterday.” I lied. I admit that wasn’t the proudest moment of my life.

“Na you cousin now abi? Oya show make we go see my men for that table,” he said and turned to go back to his table.

I knew one thing was sure. If I go to the table, I’ll probably not leave with my wallet and phone. I had to do something and do it fast.

So without thinking, I left the bar and went the couch Funmi was sitting on, she was quite focused on the television.

Funmi,” I called out her name.

“What took you so long?” She asked.

“We need to leave now.” I replied.

“Why? Where are we going to?” She asked looking worried.

“Home… Let’s go!” I said with a tone of finality.

“You can’t just tell me to leave my house and bring me here then suddenly have a change of mind. If demand a reason!” She replied loudly. Her worried look was replaced with a look of anger.

Why are girls so strong headed and silly? I thought. I mean no offence to the ladies.

“Funmi, let’s go now! I’ll explain to you when we are out of here.” I replied calmly.

It took a while but she finally decided to go with me. She hissed, picked up her bag and walked pass me, pushing me out of the way. I staggered but once I regained my stamina, I ran after her.

She was already outside the gates when I finally caught up with her. It was really dark outside and the rain was still falling but it was a lot calmer, just drizzles.

“What was that all about?” I asked as I grabbed her arm and pulled her to a halt.

“What was that all about? You seriously asking me that?” She asked, literally screaming.

“Yes I am! You have no idea what would have happened in there if we didn’t leave when we did!” I replied trying to level her voice.

“What would have…” She was about to say.

“You think say you fast shey?” A voice which came from behind me cut in.

I knew who it was but slowly turned to confirm my fears.

As I turned, I saw not just my cultist friend at the bar but his two friends were with him. They on the other hand looked scary with their bulging chests.

They didn’t look too happy.


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    Okay… you just added 3 more reasons why I love this series.

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    I’m almost sure this is a personal story.. . Nice write though

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