Rants of a Frustrated Girl.

I’m so angry right now that i might forget to proof-read.

I used to pride myself in my ability to write long classy essays(the type,people my age find boring). But i’m beginning to doubt myself.So naturally,i’m angry;at myself,the government,schools and everyone with the last name ‘Nigeria’.

Before i joined Naija stories,i used to (and i still am) a member of another online community.So i post a poem and a 17 year old (my age grade) Indian tells me that my English is very poor and i need to work on it.He says”i understand that you’re not well versed with English and i honestly appreciate your efforts at it”My efforts!!!Considering the fact that my country “Nigeria” is visible on my profile,it’s safe to assume that he thinks Nigerians can’t speak English!

I remember back in secondary school,when i was the best in English.Winning essays and debates and even at one point,being the best speaker in this wretched country.So if my mate(sort of) is telling me that i’m poor in that department?????Is it me or is there something seriously wrong somewhere?

When teaching is now a job of convenience and students often know more than their teachers.They can’t tell right from wrong,so how could they possibly correct the kids?Even when you try so hard,some inglorious bastards just want to get into your pants!The desperate ones that try so hard to impress you teach you to say ‘z’ as zee instead of zed.This ain’t Hollywood!Phonics and spellings are neglected and all that the English teachers want to do is FAIL YOU!When you try to be different and say the right thing,everyone says you’re ‘forming’. It’s depressing to note the mediocrity of the average Nigerian.A small child walked past me saying”A for abegi,B for babadudun,C for carry go”Whaaaaat????

The politicians promise us roads,health,blah blah blah,but not education.What are they doing about our failing educational system?But when you realize that some of the people in power,don’t even have a proper education,you can relax with your popcorn in hand and be rest assured the world’s in deep shit!

We started out with ‘baby’ and right now,it’s just ‘b’. What’s next?sign language?I get an admission text from my school and it’s in abbreviation!!”Pls report @ admissions block 4 ur clearance on or b4 fri dec…….”So the government,schools and society is screwing up and we’re just collateral damage!

To my future kids and employees;i don’t give a ratass what the educational system’s like in your time but if you so much as send me a ‘Gud morn” text,lord help me,I WILL KILL YOU!

8 thoughts on “Rants of a Frustrated Girl.” by Stacey (@Anastasia)

  1. Wow, You have spoken the truth. I understand your frustration. Well written.

  2. Take it easy o. Nor mind that Indian joor, if I hear am say dem speak english reach us. And you shouldn’t get all frustrated, just take it easy ‘jeje’. You can write and no one can take that away from you.

  3. We’ll get it RIGHT some day, just believe and always hope for the best. and for that your indian friend, what English does she understand?

  4. Truth is, our educational system needs alot of work, teachers need to improve on themselves.

  5. Haha.. The Indian killed your pride
    Nice write though

  6. LOL. Lovely write up. Its annoying that some people are too lazy to type “good morning” they be like “gm”. Are you a UNIBEN student? If you are, please let me know.

  7. Nice work, you write well.

  8. Ok so I’mhoping that no one comes to bite my head off but I MUST say I agree. Nigerian english can be so painful to read and listen to in comparison to British and American English especially if you learned English in Britain and or America. I must admit though that @stacey your gramma is great in this peice. I do hate when people from other countries assume that Nigerians use english as a second language. I find it surprising because most of my family members in Nigeria speak english as thier first language and barely understand or speak Benin as thier second Language.

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