This Poem, I Wrote For You

This Poem, I Wrote For You

A look that pierces through my heart
A smile with a century of a century good tidings
A beauty i cant phantom with what’s beneath the hat
A touch, once felt invokes tinglins
How does she do it? I ask myself
An impeccable disposition of character without a flaw to spot
Mild, gentle and diligent like santa’s elf
From afar, the kisses she blows make your heart, a second stop
Dynamism in her approach
My own prodigy, pregnant with ideas
STOP! you didn’t have to kill the roach
Nature, i would tell her should be your career
Took me hours to record this outburst
To tell you you’ll be beautiful till you become dust

6 thoughts on “This Poem, I Wrote For You” by adeniyi (@neyosaxy)

  1. jasmine (@mztomisin)

    This is so romantic……

  2. jasmine (@mztomisin)

    Awwwwnnn this is so romantic……

    1. adeniyi (@neyosaxy)

      lol…dats the intention my dear @mztomisin

  3. @NEYOSAXY. Nice one. Love wan tin tin.

    1. adeniyi (@neyosaxy)

      lol tanx @danjuma… na serious lovu wan tin tin oh

  4. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    So so Loving this

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