The experience of nature is one of awe

A watch of a thrilling thunderstorm

A look at a mighty tree

It might be a majestic mountain range

A roaring waterfall or bouquet of flowers

One cannot but appreciate the work of the creator

When the sun shines, it comes with radiant hues

Just like clear pebbles of rain moving across the landscape

That slowly sets to the last glimpse of the light

That silently fades away

And brings about shadow of night

A sense of doubt arise in me

when I beheld that sight

But whatever uncertainty it brought

I have no fright

For darkness means a twist of fate

From what the day has brought

Nature! Just a conservancy work of the Almighty.

One thought on “Nature” by Afolabi Aminat (@folamide)

  1. A good observant of nature.good choice of words and well suited.good poem

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