Memo To All – Naijastories How Far??!!

Sheesh!!!!!!, its been a while since i had anything posted here, kind of feel nervous but anyway I’d still get it done (OgaOga wont block this post-hopefully)

First off, i know its been FOREVER, so at this point I’d like to give a BIG shoutout to my Uhhhhhh, to @ufuomaotebele : Madam how you dey?? Abeg no vex sey i’ve been away for a looong time now! :D

P.S- I miss @feiO and @Hextophar

Oh well, enough nice guy already, here we go!!! I’ve been ‘virtually’ touring the world and well, I’m back already and the difference is DEFINITELY clear so I’d like to address two main people in this “thing” that you’re reading.

I’m so glad i signed up for NaijaStories, i recently got published on Amazon and the experience from NaijaStories really helped in the process and well, my story got to #14 on Bestseller for Y.A Category while it was free(in my mind i be Bestselling author, lol :p )

The poor sides of things here is that Naijastories is tying writers here down, if its not ROMANCE, its some memoir, like this place is kinda becoming people’s diary. While I’m not saying there’s anything wrong, if The Admin could add a few features here, it would be pretty cool like on Protagonize where there’s collaborative writing(Two or more writers coming together to make a story), that way we would be carrying everyone along and not leaving behind the ‘newbies’ to remain heartbroken from less views on their stories just because everybody is reading the ‘popular’ members story.

Also like WattPad, maybe there should be a range of awards that stories could be entered for, like on WattPad, there’s the Wattys Award(cool name if you ask me) and it has quite a number of categories to be entered for. They also have a genre of writing called FanFic where writers do a fiction about their favorite celebs(from Authors to Musicians to Actors, whatever) and its one hella genre if you ask me because people could actually tell the world about what they wish their celebs were like and blah blah blah and yeah, for the ladies, ‘who their secret celebrity crush is and all the things they have been fantasizing about’.
More Competitions with clearly stated rules and definite judges should also come in handy this year, biko and exercises to enhance our writing skills too should be up and running ;)

I realized that most forums on here hardly function and for the few that be, i find it just bland. A bit of flavour to the forums, maybe allowing us to even run our own personal forums would be Great idea.

And PLEAAAAAASE, make una #BringBackOurChatBox

Yeah, just before i forget, Buhari has found his certificate. :D


Hmmmm, Naijastories Writers are one wonderful set of people. Abeg 3 Gbosa for una jare….. “Gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!!” :P

Anyway, una sef get your own chikim wahala too, this part of NaijaStories worry me a lot.
In my few period of Touring, i came across Authors like E.J Runyon, Teri-Ann Sherwood and Robert Spencer to mention a few, these guys are waaaay awesome when it comes to writing and i learnt quite a few things which i’m going to try and share.

    I’m sure you dont need your ancestors to tell you how important your Cover Art should be. This is something I’d always emphasize on whenever i talk about writing. The truth of the matter is that FRONT COVERS SELL OFF THE BOOK BEFORE ITS CONTENT. If you’re actually planning on getting quite a number of views on your stories then spend as much time working on the Cover art as you would spend when mopping a sea.
    **If you cant get one, ask for one…..maybe from me or Ufuoma or @Levuz or @Lordjosh or just find cool images that fit your story and show it to someone to decide for you.
    P.S- THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD PUT A SCARY DOLL’S PICTURE FOR A ROMANCE STORY!!!! It’s one thing I’ve noticed around here, people even use substandard 2 Mega Pixel pictures as Cover Arts.
    I know this could sound really easy at first thought but look again.A good story title is the second book promoter. If your title doesn’t make your reader be like “Hmm, this kind title…” or “OMG!!  This sounds interesting…” then its not it. Most stories often TELL US THE WHOLE STORY which shouldn’t be, like there’s no need reading a story when i already know what its content would be like.
    In picking a title, be sure to make it a short one that’ll be easy to remember and not giving us a “Paragraph”. ;)
    Okay, so everyone has a unique story to tell and how you present it matters in 1000001 ways. I’d give a few tips on contents,
    -Be sure to Refine your ideas a million times, just so it’d look original and not like some fairytale who’s end i can tell from the first paragraph. I personally dont believe a writer shoukld stick to one genre or tone of ‘happy endings’, try out everything!!
    -Ever heard of Blurbs?? mmhmm… sure to get a cool one that’ll draw your reader into wanting to check out your story.
    -Check for errors and grammatical mistakes. Although this might be a daunting task, you’d just have to do it instead of being in a frenzy to get you next episode out

    -Show, Don’t tell. Instead of just telling us a story, how us a movie of this story through your words.
    -Be sure to paragraph your work very well, not necessarily putting every new sentence in a paragraph but then presenting it in a neat way…
    Most people just don’t know how to do this and it baffles me that a Thriller story should be placed in the Supernatural genre. Please go through your story again and try finding out about  what kind of stories fit into different genres before clicking that genre box when posting your next story.
    S.E.O is also one VERY important thing if at all you want your stories to be found on time on the internet.

There’s a lot of things i wish i could say but then……. I’m really not sure. Thing is we should learn to write as if we are getting it across to J.K Rowling for editing.  I tried not to mention Story Titles or Writers with the flaws above just so the number people that’ll never talk to me after this wont be more than they are at this point already.
Truth of the matter be sey #NaijaWeNoDeyTryReach. There’s room for improvement

P.S- Me sef still dey Try learn.
I’m off now, If you need me…..just hit my inbox or something.
Buh Bye


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  2. Thanks for the mention, @ugochuckwu.

    Glad to hear that you’re still writing, and that NS has helped.

    I think the admin would like to do a lot of the things you suggest; the problem, as you might expect is money.

    If there were as many people reading stories on this site that visit entertainment sites, then there would be more money to fund these kinds of ideas.

    But for good or for ill, Nigeria is a place today where reading stories is just not something that people do in great numbers.

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      Yeah yeah…. money’s part of it. But then, we could put it on a trial period just to see how it works. And not all these features require money.
      My thought about life is “If wont work, induce it”. If Nigerians won’t read, maybe its because we haven’t given them a good enough reason to want to read. Thats the more reason we should try to write “First Class material” so that even the Western world would get interested, that way we could worry less about if Nigerians are reading ;)

  3. I just popped into NS when I received the post email and I saw this post title.

    You have said it all well. NS helped a couple of us. Like me for instance now, there is a big chance in my writing from when I joined NS.

    NS is boring like you said, and that is the main reason why I took a long break.
    Like @TolaO said, funds is doing a lot of ojoro… wetin we go do now?

    Nice write.

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      That’s the punchline i tried to avoid saying………..”NS is boring…”
      Hopefully, if they read this we’d change!!

  4. I agree with @TolaO. Nigerians are still not reading as much as we should all probably be doing. The number of comments/readership on some entertainments blogs are just shocking whilst “serious” writing magazines and blogs are lucky to pull in any comments.
    I can’t imagine what it feels like not to read but I have met writers who don’t read anything that’s not about which-popstar-has-a-new-babymama. And there are some who would only read the known names. If all writers or writers-to-be read, I think that would be one problem solved for us Naija folks as quite a lot of us write.

    I am happy I found Naijastories (I found NS on an entertainment blog, lol). Like @kodeya, NS has definitely helped hone my writing.
    Meeting other writers and networking is a plus.

    The idea of collaborative writing sounds good. I have never done that before but I would love to. I can name a few writers on here I would like to collaborate with.
    I don’t have to guess who you would like to do a collabo with @ugochuckwu…*lips sealed*
    Hi @ufuomaotebele.

    Congrats on the Amazon publication Ugochukwu.

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      Yes, thank you @olajumoke , You’re far too kind, lol
      And that’s one Hilarious comment about Me and who I’d want to Write with.

  5. adeniyi (@neyosaxy)

    @ugochuckwu ..very nice writeup. i loved it. u really shed light upon some stringent issues that centers around writing. it is cool and i hope the admin and the writers pick one or two things to adopt. ehn ehn dude, wen u say u travelled around d world, hw many countries are we talking abt bcos me ayam getting jealous. finally @ufuomaotebele , u just ditch pesin wahala oh. @innoalifa nko? u dey sabbatical break… @imaniking nd @oxymoron93… make una show face oh.. no shit..nice writ brov

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      Haha..there’s no need to be jealous, i can show you the way my brother. I traveled with Google Airlines.

      And i hope admin does too

  6. Wow i have really missed NS…havnt commented since forever…thank God the problem has been fixed..anyting i come on here it always refered me to one yeye porn site and the likes…tried using my ipad same i just gave up…glad to be back…

  7. abdulquadri11 (@Abdulquadri11)

    It is really a “memo to naijastorytellers” indeed.Truth to be said,you’ve spoken nothing but the truth.Buh at the same time,I am very optimistic about this site.They have the potential for better improvement if they can really heed to the aforementioned advice(s)…

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      Yeahh, i also kno this site would do waaay better than it is. Its even a bit more busier than Protagonize :)

  8. @ugochuckwu I have gone tru dis twice. Nice write up.
    I don’t tink SEO has anything to do with editor’s pick, most of them are usually grey sef.
    Genres I agree with you seriously there.
    Collaborative writing I think they did once in cupid’s risk, d book is free here on NS.
    NS has tried a lot in making people writers, in terms of audience and criticism.
    I think there are more writers than readers in naija or only writers read, some of my friends see me with a book and they are like, “you dey try I don’t read” or “I only read the last chapter” for what now!!
    Or “I only read Danielle steel or Sydney Sheldon” Oloshi read chinua Achebe, whole Soyinka, AH Muhammad, Chimamanda, Efua T Sutherland.
    Nigerians are regressive when it comes to reading, they say its boring, Haba!!. Yet they always browse Olorisupergal, bellanaija and all entertainment blogs.
    There is God.
    As for me I read only African books mostly by Nigerians, abeg our writers are very well acclaimed, they win common wealth competition and NOBEL prices what’s left, they are many upcoming writers.

    1. @ameenaedrees My dear people are just lazy…expecially nigerians…they dont wanna excercise thier brains…they prefer those entertainment blogs better…i visit those blogs too..but sometimes its fun to read someting different from who is sleeping with who and who is buying what or showing off on instagram…

      1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

        OMG! I did a an experiment last week. I posted a cute picture of me on Instagram and within minutes, my notification box was blowing off with likes and comments ba? but then, 2 days later, I posted a picture of my blog where people could go to read my works but it seemed all my readers who are 70% Nigerian suddenly fell asleep. I was like wow! Nigerians…. it is because they do not read that;’s why they don’t know any better.

    2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      hahahahahah your comment brought me here. aunt y amina you are funny. lol

    3. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      Lol @ameenaedrees …i also went through this more than twice.
      And I’m serious, If your SEO is still grey then it means you still haven’t filled in the right things on your Meta description. Just try it out, Naijastories has not gotten to the level of having a real Editor’s pick.
      Dont blame those who dont read Nigerian works, blame Nollywood and Most writers.
      And have you read Modern African Stories by Charles R. Larson, its an Anthology and you’d like it.
      I couldnt fine Cupid risk, maybe you meant “Of Tears and Kisses, Heroes and Villains”, thats an Anthology, not Collaborative writing :)…maybe we could work out something sometime

  9. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Welcome back @ugochuckwu
    I agree with what you said. I’m not going to talk much, reading the other comments, they have said it all.

    Writers were readers once upon a time.

  10. Nice one @Ugochuckwu. I love this site, I haven’t found another one with such an eclectic group of writers. I notice though that when I started to write here (June 2010), there was more variety in the stories. Now it seems that it’s always about the same subjects. What I think may turn off writers who would have better stories to tell, from coming here, is that NS has rights to the stories for two years, five years for stories in competitions. Who wants their material to be held for so long? Maybe if NS were to change this, more people would write stories with publishing potential. I have to say, it does stop me from writing here when I think that my story/poem could have some chances to be published.

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breaking news!! No wonder @raymond stopped writing here. That explains why most stuff here are uhhh, not standard.

      1. @Ugochukwu, nice write up. @jefsaraurmax is right (hello jefsaraurmax, longest time). Back then, we had wonderful variety of writers and stories. Funny enough, I wasn’t the first horror or thriller writer on this site. Now, everything is the same, if not Romance, then Memoirs of one sort or the other. While I won’t begrudge people what they write, I would at least hope for some diversity, even among the poems. Instead of writers trying to pass some sort of social message, tell a story. That is actually one of the things that made me stop coming. No inspiration (yes, I used to get inspired by some stories here). The level of writing too, as well as response to criticism, mostly below par…
        Anyway, congratulations on your work.

        1. Hi @raymond, hope everything is well with you. I miss the diversity of writings and writers there was at the beginning. It was like a think tank where everything was possible. I miss @jaywriter, @lade-a, even @kaycee…..I never thought I would say that. ;-)

          1. @jefsaraurmax, @kaycee is doing very well, I can tell you. I am fine. Hope you are too.

        2. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

          OMG!!!!! I’m feel TOTALLY honoured to have @raymond comment on my post. Im waaaaay to glad.
          And yes, i got inspired to.sign up here after i read Kill zone and Till lies us part

  11. @ugochuckwu cupid’s risk is there just click on the download free ebooks.
    Now for those of us who don’t read terms and conditions, I never knew NS has all those rights, I just dey write and dey read, ehn.
    @ufuomaotebele I did read your blog, but I had seen them before that’s why I didn’t comment.
    Nigerians love instagram die.
    @schatzilein laziness for reading literature runs in Nigerians but just say David o impregnated a girl now or don jazzy has a new private jet they will so so comment.
    NS has helped writers find and polish their skills, telling untold tales and you say stuff here are not standard :-( I believe that we are here to learn from each other,so forget the standarness abeg.
    I actually read foreign books, I’m just bitter that Nigerians are not seeing their own talent so I stopped and concentrated on our own literature.

  12. @ugochuckwu cupid’s risk is there just click on the download free ebooks.
    Now for those of us who don’t read terms and conditions, I never knew NS has all those rights, I just dey write and dey read, ehn.
    @ufuomaotebele I did read your blog, but I had seen them before that’s why I didn’t comment.
    Nigerians love instagram die.
    @schatzilein laziness for reading literature runs in Nigerians but just say David o impregnated a girl now or don jazzy has a new private jet they will so so comment.
    NS has helped writers find and polish their skills, telling untold tales and you say stuff here are not standard :-( I believe that we are here to learn from each other,so forget the standarness abeg.
    I actually read foreign books, I’m just bitter that Nigerians are not seeing their own talent so I stopped and concentrated on our own literature.
    And please #bringbackourchatbox#

    1. @ameenaedrees, you have been writing since last year so it’s hard for you to see a difference. In the course of five years, I can tell that the submissions are not as diverse and of the same quality anymore.Check the old submissions. It seems that the rules have stifled the creativity. Some of the very prolific writers from the beginning have gone. And a lot of people who submit now, only submit few things and some barely edit. It is not a critic, it is mostly a fact. The best way to progress is to have people on this site with writing experience who can help the newbies which is the way it was at the beginning. Now people with writing experience have gone (and I don’t include myself as I am still learning) and we are like the one-eye man helping the blind.

      1. @jefsaraurmax I will go and check yours now, I just don’t read terms and conditions so I had no idea about it but I will read that too.
        Pls suggest those old entries so I can get busy.
        I loved memoirs of a Lagos play boy, I surfed the net till I found the end and our angels some series are incomplete.
        I’m just a newbie, a rookie.
        I agree that some barely edit, sometimes you read something that hurts your eyes.

  13. @ameenaedrees, I appreciate you reading my stories but I don’t consider myself as experienced, I am still learning also. However I recommend you check out entries from @kaycee, @seun-odukoya and @jaywriter. Also my all time favorite is Lade:

  14. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    The comments now are sort if awful and not encouraging at all. Instead if complaining about how good the site was before or how it used to do this and inspire that, what are you doing individual to change that. Its almost like you guys are saying the old writers were much better and so we the new writers have fucked up the site and its no longer conducive for y’all anymore. I like for people to preach a solution not a complaint!

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @ufuomaotebele, mi belle…how you be? Been a while, right?Missed you.

      I like how you tell it the way you see it. I’m glad to see you’ve gotten even better on here, too. I sneak in briefly just to see your latest work, you know. And I was kinda sad to hear you are suspending your current series.

      This is me famzing and saying Hi

      1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

        @omoniyi-adeshola wow!! longest time. I hope you are here to stay now though. I missed your poems.!! Those poems that freely floated with its own style… plsssssss come back so I can picked up from where I last stopped my poem writing career.

  15. @ufuomaotebele, I think you misinterpreted my comments. I just wanted to respond to @Ugochuckwu writing and explain why I believe it was so. I am in no way putting down the current writers. I was merely saying that the reason why some more experienced writers had left could have been because of the stories rights policy. I believe that for a site like NS to work, there must be as many new writers than experienced writers.The new ones bringing their ideas and freshness, the more experienced ones bringing their techniques and tips. A site like this needs balance. You will not learn anything if everybody here knows as much as you do. I already have mentioned what I thought would be a solution. If the policy is changed, writers will not be worried that their best efforts will be held prisoners for 2 to 5 years and it will be more conducive to creativity.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      Hi @jefsaraurmax. i’m glad to see you out and about. Hope you are great now.

      I should thank @ugochuckwu for igniting this conversation, and inviting me to contribute. Big ups.

      For a long while I was a non-writing, non-commenting regular visitor to NS, back in the days where estella, Raymond, lade, omotayo, sibbylwhyte, Kaycee, afronuts, sueddie agama kughoho, odukoya, mimiadebayo, hymar, lade, olan etc. ruled the roost and they read stories from NS on radio. I would read in wonder and try to imagine the kind of creatively disturbed minds they were. I began contributing much, much later.

      I do not think there has been a watering down in the quality of writers or a less diversified field as much has there has been a generational shift in terms of the contributors.

      Those guys were pioneers, rewriting the fiction of Nigeria in the information age, critiquing in new ways and formats…democratizing our stories. They were also sort of from a transitional, angry-at-the-power generation – you will find most of them are/were involved in some revolutionary art/literary/political thing. They were insisting on being heard -methinks. And that insistence had to manifest in the beautiful madness going on here then. The current crop are writing from a less agitated perspective – and so the emphasis is more on self-discovery, navel-gazing, romance, normal YA angst.

      As to the quality of writing itself, jury is still out – and may I admit I’m also someone who is far too lazy to properly edit what I post.

      My two-penny

  16. Stacey (@Anastasia)

    We do this a lot.We say “they” when what we really should be saying is “we” or “i”.NS has more than enough members and if a bunch of people out there decide to view etertainment blogs,i fail to see how that is a problem!We should concentrate on making ourselves better!
    There is no problem with reading foreign books and i never imagined someone would say that!Variety is the spice of life and i can tell you that i read at least two books of each of those authors before i was 16!
    I don’t know if it’s because the name is “naija” stories that most stories almost always have too much pidgin in them.I’m sorry,i don’t mean to offend anybody.I understand that the stories are based in nigeria and pidgin adds a sort of flavour to the story but don’t you think it’s taking over the english?I’ve been quite frustrated with the decline of english in nigeria and i talked a lot about it in my article”rants of a frustrated girl”
    When i won two nigerian essay contest and lost three international essay contests,i knew i had a problem.The sad part is that there’s no one there to correct me.No one to say”there should be a comma here” or “that is such a cliche'” So how do i get better?

  17. @anastasia, there is actually nothing wrong with reading entertainment blogs. Someone once said gossip columns are good for one’s health. *smiles* I know some of us that don’t live in Nigeria do it to stay in touch with our ‘community’. Some of them are useful for writing research purposes as well… (Depends on what you are writing. It would fail if you need it for James Bond type of action writing)

    @ugochuckwu, I fear you might have grouped all the different types of sub-genre’s as Romance. I write mostly women’s fiction. I know writers here who write chick lit (I have done that too). Some write thrillers with slight romance in, suspense, fantasy etc.
    Women’s fiction can feature a woman or women going through life changing experiences/journeys. Now, it would be odd to read a mini series of around fifteen thousand words about a young woman with no mention of her relationship(s) or the lack of it.
    I like tackling issues and do it in the most entertaining but sensitive way I can.

    Having said that,I know my writing here on NS has stronger romance themes. My published writing with The Kalahari Review and others don’t. I still write Women’s fiction. They are less entertaining. Deep, maybe. I think a writer always has to study their market. I think I do this without thinking. Perhaps there are more women readers/writers here on NS. Maybe that is why romance, chick lit, women’s fiction are much more popular. Or perhaps people just want to read relatable stories?
    I believe writers should write the type of writing they want to read. Horror. Crime. Whatever.
    Women’s fiction, Romance and Chick Lit sells more paperbacks in the UK and US. Fact.
    Do we need new writing? Yes. But someone has to write it.

    Perhaps @jefsaraurmax is right about the copyright policy thing? Can @ogaoga explain. I have always believed that we can republish our writing as long as we state it has appeared
    on NS or something like that.

    One thing I’m sure of is people need to hone their writing and write what they know and feel comfortable with. If I tried my hands at action fiction, I think you would all be asleep after the first line.

    As regards to the decline in comments. Not every one that submits here actually wants to be told their work is not excellent. And sometimes, people will go “thank you” without actually putting the changes to practice in their writing. Comments will not magically improve anyone’s writing. It is what writers do with the comments that counts.

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      @olajumoke Thank you for showing up here. I only used “romance” in a figurative way to mean that people are doing “the same thing”.And like you said, they’re “subgenres” which have a Romance theme with a feel of thriller. I would be glad if you could recommend some CRIME or FANTASY or HORROR published here in the past two months.
      And no, NS holds NO RIGHTS to our stories…..did some digging.
      How can i get to read your work with Kalahari review.

      1. Agamemnon IV Amaeshina (@)

        @ugochuckwu I posted a an Horror Fantasy here. The chattering roads. The response has been encouraging. You can read bit since you asked.

        @olajumoke has been quite helpful and as a newcomer i am learning here. Just answering your query about a certain genre on NS.

  18. @ugochuckwu, sorry for taking so long to reply.
    Last crime series I read here was wriiten by @theo. She is really good. I thinks it was called Missing Christabel. Elements of comedy too.

    I know some of my NS friends write different genres to the ones they write on NS. I’m guessing they don’t want to put those publishable stories here because editors/publishers out there like to be the first to publish. You can’t even put your writing on personal blogs these days. It is still considered published.

    Here is the link you asked for

  19. Forgive the typos. I was typing in a hurry.

  20. Onu-Okpara Chiamaka (@Onu-OkparaChiamaka)

    I think the decline of good stories or improvements in stories is due to the lack of positive critiques (or sometimes just normal critiques which might come across as biting). Everybody wants to be the person that put a nice comment.

    Now, I forget who commented above about people not liking being critiqued, but it is true here. For me, my work is either good or terrible and I like to hear which and strive to work better. If you say “Kai, this story is the absolute worst!” I will probably wail in my room and go find a book on how to write better (Or contact the person in private to explain what went wrong). Finish.

    Naija Stories is amazing though and the ideas are good. The quality of stories (creative-wise, concept wise) is good. On structure and punctuation and generally polishing the story, it’s a no. Even I, am guilty of this. Unfortunately, this is what establishes a story as above sub par (for me).

    Enough said. Let’s make it a better forum. Let’s do and not forget to encourage each other .

  21. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    @ugochuckwu whats the name of the work you published I’ve run out of interesting reads on Amazon

  22. Hi there,

    Good morning.

    After reading most of the comments and so on, I feel pretty much everything I want to say has been said. They say/someone said we shouldn’t talk about what’s gone/past – but how would we know where we’re going if we have no idea where we’re coming from?

    I say – and still say proudly; I’m a graduate of Naijastories. What we had back then –

    I apologize.

    Someone asked up there – ‘how do I get better?’

    It’s simple. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.

    And then write.

    Trust me, not reading and wanting to write is like sitting for Chemistry in JAMB and having NO IDEA what H2O is. I mean, go to school. Read everything – gossip, trash, great stuff – fiction, non-fiction – read whatever – but do not read too much of the trashy stuff.

    You can get lost in it.

    I have a catchphrase – ‘a writer waiting for inspiration before writing is like a farmer waiting for rain before planting. Both of them are on a long thing.’

    I do not believe in ‘muses’, the same way I do not believe in ‘writer’s block’. In my uneducated opinion, those are lazy writer excuses. If you really are serious about this – you want to become a great – it has to become a habit for you. There are no two ways about it.

    Read. Read. Read.

    And then, write like you’ll die if you stop.

    Hope I’ve made any sense. If there’s anything more I can help with – please hit me up.

    Hello @jefsaraurmax. It’s been forever! Nice to see a familiar face around here. How are you doing?

    @raymond – where are we on that? Can we start it here – or at least syndicate it up to here?

    It’s all on you man.

  23. @ Ugochukwu
    Unbelievable that I’m just seeing this, tells me how long I’ve been away from Naijastories.

    Can’t say anything until I’ve re-acquainted myself with everything. So much must have changed…

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