Love In Our Own Way Part 1

Love In Our Own Way Part 1


It had seemed like we were enemies at the time, infact, we were sworn enemies- we still are. We never wanted to hear each other say a word, an outsider would find this amusing but that was not the case for Debby and Raphael Harrison, our parents.
My name is Joel, one of the Harrison’s twin and my sister’s/ rival’s name is Anabelle. Yes, I love my sister and I show it in the most absurd way possible, the feeling is mutual with her and she reciprocates in the same way. we are both thirteen, tall and lanky, gosh, we almost even have the same physique, people do mistook her for a boy~ one of the things I tongue-lashed her about.
It was one of those cold nights when people usually had on two or even three thick blankets when my sister decided to strike back at me for eating a piece out of the two piece of meat she was given, I was expecting her, I just didn’t know it would be that mean (well, we do much more mean things to ourselves but gosh, this was a cold night).
I had gone to bed completely worn out and hadn’t bothered about using a blanket and I woke up with a running nose at about 12 in the midnight because Anabelle had packed half, if not over half of the ice cubes in the freezer (we had really plenty ice cubes) and dumped them on my bed but also did me a favour by covering me ~ and the ice cubes up.
“Joel”, my dad called in his deep baritone voice, “why are you pajamas wet?, you didn’t pee in them, did you?…or is this the law of karma Anabelle had decided to take into her own hands”, he said obviously frustrated as he couldn’t think of any other way to deal with them, they had been grounded times without count, there allowance had been shorten admist many other, he looked at his son still standing in front of him.
“honey”, he said turning to his wife that was seating on the couch with him, “didn’t you see your son-”
“ofcourse, I did, what else should I say, have never seen such twin as them” she replied, turning to me still in my wet pajamas and shaking to the bone, “just make sure your teeth don’t fall on my tiles with the way they are shattering”, she smirked making cha-cha-cha noise with her teeth as she moved in to the kitchen to make me hot tea.
The next morning, Anabelle didn’t come down for breakfast which had suited me just fine. I gobbled down my food and rushed into my room to hatch out a revenge plan.
I sat for long minutes thinking on what to do, “hmmmmmm, since, she is allergic to flowers, I could just stuck them in her face and watch it turn red and spotty, then, I would call Mike over (Mike is her frenemy, just like me), am sure he would have a good laugh or i could just take a picture of her red spotty face and send it to the whole school”, I had thought , laughing to myself, “she would be the talk of the school for the rest of the term”
“tsk tsk tsk, or no, let’s keep it indoor, maybe I should just…yes! that’s it!”, I jusmped as an idea suddenly struck me.

4 thoughts on “Love In Our Own Way Part 1” by Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

  1. Love in their own way actually, nice.

  2. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Mischievous twins

  3. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    In some parts you used the plural form where it was supposed to be singular and vice versa also you used your tenses incorrectly. I have a question are your charcters Nigerian? Thier names seem to be British or American which then makes the story seem a bit unbelieveable because you are writing the story in terms of how Nigerians speak english amongst themselves not how British or Americans would dialogue with each other. Do you get my drift? The plot or set up of the story is cute though and would appeal to its intended audience once its been polished.

  4. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    hmm, love in their own way. Quite interesting.

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