In Love With A Ghost

Beauty alights at duty post
Sudden in a way of a ghost
Glares crave for grips
Eyeballs make rounds of trips
Toss randomly for a name
So ruthless, uneasy to tame

Breasts in caps heavily tucked
Seem begging to be plucked
Lips poise for breathless kiss
Gorgeous for bite to miss
Tresses all sit askew
Temple lifts charm to view

Heart pulls with torque
Words teeter around talk
Mouth weights with urge
Blinks flutter and laziness purge
‘Have we met before?’
Curiosity splits eyes to four
Her face glows beyond simple
Litters smiles, makes a dimple
Lashes envelop selves in cheers
Whisper agreeably to my ears
Gleams cuddle her brow
Strum stares to burrow

Silence now visits unbidden
Voices our intentions from hiding
Saliva gulps down as crust
Fans embers that thrust
Time appears much tarried
Judges my question as parried
Then tap of fingers severs sleep
And out of bed I leap

2 thoughts on “In Love With A Ghost” by ebuka (@himalone)

  1. rosy (@Rosey)

    i am really inlove with this poem

    1. You are welcome rosy

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