Harmattan Chicken

***Editor’s note** I honestly tried to reason with him, but he was extremely insistent. Anakadrian says the above title is entirely correct, and would have been different ONLY IF in Nigeria we didn’t have the Harmattan winds but instead had the season of Spring.

***Spoiler** This is going to be kind of a sermon, sorry. If you’re in the mood for something less deep, well, I’ve already done that in some other article.

***Safety advice** Know very well what you believe in before you read this. Reading some certain articles with an open mind can be a very dangerous thing.

***Further advice** About the above, just kidding…

Or am I?


To be “young and inexperienced” is actually not as bad as it sounds.

Sometimes it’s cool to be a Harmattan Chicken.

You may wonder why I speak like this.

I have seen many places in the world; the whole gamut, through land and sea. I have seen the effects of the harshest of weathers and the worst of climates. I have seen the effects of starvation and want. I have seen the finest wines and the most savoury foods. There is no religion I have not experienced, so there is little I cannot know and there is no concept I cannot understand…

Oh, that reminds me. I have to renew my subscription to National Geographic… You see, I have never even crossed the border to reach Cotonou.

To be young is good… and not having had the experience of something can be fun. Here’s a trivial example:

There are many individuals who could give up an arm just to watch a movie with the same excitement which they had when they viewed it for the first time. Despite having viewed it severally, I know I watch “Kingdom of Heaven” to the point of tearing up.

Happiness, sadness… It’s a mix

In that flick was religious tolerance at its finest. If only Salaudin was the leader of our brothers at Benson and Hedges, North wing (BH)

That movie was some epic shi… sorry… stuff. I went nowhere for three or so hours.

Among other things, it subtly called people out on the misguided focus on words of scripture themselves instead of the higher meaning in their application to better the welfare of men.

“…God will understand. But if he doesn’t, then he is not God, and we need not worry…”

Orlando Bloom was a badass. Love that dude #no homo

But I digress.

To be young is good, and to not have seen certain things is nice. Age brings along with it experience, experience brings along with it regret, and regret brings along with it bitterness.

Mind you it is not the good kind of bitterness; the kind that can be found in a cold glass of Guinness.

What’s that? Oh. I’ve never tasted Orijin; so I wouldn’t know. But yeah, that too, I guess… Whatever works for you.

Even though ideally one ought to grow with the other in direct proportion and with arithmetic projection; Age and Experience – due to the current realities or the things that obtain in our times – their balance has long been shattered.

Instead now there’s Geometric… Exponential… Nay, astronomic increase in exposure of individuals to information relative to their age. Kids these days know more than they should. Some folks think its fine, but I tell you that that stuff is driving the kids mad.

Or it will eventually, if it hasn’t already started.

Tick Tock

Too much information kills. Information is said to be too much when the one who possesses it has little or no idea what to do with it… or its application; how to go about using it.

Yes, I know this can be said of anyone at any age. After all, not every old man is wise and not every wise man is old, (where both might have the same amount of information at their disposal) But this is about the young; those we can rightly call children, so let’s not stray too far off topic. Cool? Cool.

Most times the more you know, the more more miserable you become. Why? You realise how much more you DON’T know in comparison, and how much more there is to understand.

Or the little you already know confuses you, and what you believe is true may turn out to be false or at best debatable. You realise that what you previously called wisdom were the words or writings of the philosophy of a man or men who in the quest to find their truths were simultaneously battling their own demons.

You begin to wonder that the Holy Bible was a document compiled according to the command of a pagan king.

We will stop here for a bit.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a call for people to use this as an excuse to remain steeped in ignorance.

Willful ignorance will kill you. The lack of something to believe in will be the end of your life, spiritual and physical. This is the truth.

But then how can you be sure, if there’s no absolute truth

There is one common denominator in all the various searches for enlightenment; and that denominator is “to improve the human state”

Physical, emotional, intellectual or mental… So many facets. It all boils down to the same thing.


Once you are seeking enlightenment, you are seeking improvement.

The major question should be what a person chooses to improve himself in. Now, whether it is via the principalities or powers on either side of the divide of good or evil, how to go about seeking this enlightenment is a whole other kettle of fish.

I know you might have been expecting a witty comment here, sorry, I’m out. Chakra is dwindling.

All I can say is “you become what you expose yourself to”

But I think Nietschze put it better when he said “He who fights a monster should see to it that he doesn’t become a monster, because when you look long into the abyss, the abyss looks into you”

Scary right? I think he eventually killed himself.

Moving on…

I can tell you that naivety is bliss. Mind you, I didn’t say ignorance.

Ignorance isn’t bliss. Ignorance is a yoke. One that can be cast off by good advice or teaching, but is pressed down by foolishness and cemented by stupidity – Anakadrian 2015

Men! Those omega-3 fish oil capsules I had yesterday night are soooo on point! My brain is on fire!

*dancing shoki*

*stops dancing when he realises he is being watched*

*Awkward silence*

The young mind should be a happy one, the young body devoid of an overbearing influence of the annoying substances called hormones should be even happier. It is unjust when the world deprives these young entities of this pleasant state. But once lost, innocence that is unable to be regained can be substituted with the phenomenon of purity.

Purity that is a consciously practised and acquired state

Purity that knows what is and what isn’t, the consequences of what obtains on both divides, but despite that chooses to do what is right by its own way of enlightenment.

And that is why some people are pure evil. Do not be surprised.

Such ones honestly believe that whatever evil is done is right. Though a tad macabre and a bit callous, we can say that if not for anything, at least such a person is honest…

As opposed to a person with no ideals of their own, slave to their every human impulse; physical or otherwise.

Debauched creatures ultimately become no better than beasts, their minds move helplessly along with each new thing they crave, any new concept they perceive; like bits of dry leaves and dust in the harmattan wind.

Or as the immutable Stoics observed of this phenomenon, circa 659 BC:

“…Anywhere belle face…”

These hapless ones are easy prey to the darkness.

Well then. We can’t stop the young from growing up, but we surely can influence what they grow up into, and we can by our actions better the welfare of our fellow men; ultimately improving our own.

Just like Ghandi would say “…as yea would have others do unto ye, do ye unto them…”

With this quote I shall add that although we should indeed teach this phenomenon to others, we should not be harsh and judgemental in doing so, as evinced in the words of his other insightful comment:

“…Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…”

***Editor’s note** Before he posted this, I seriously told Anakadrian that these quotes were ascribed to Jesus Christ. Honest. I swear down.

Okay people, it’s time for me to wrap up. *begins to roll mat*

In essence, what else are the young and inexperienced left to do but grow? Their whole lives are ahead of them, their potential life mistakes are yet unmade.

What else are ALL human beings expected to do but live? Striving to improve our character in a fierce, bloody, guts-and-gore filled sword to sword fight against the selfish promptings of the basic human state. The forces of light and darkness are all around us, watching, waiting… Observing avidly as we try earnestly to strike a balance between our foibles and our fortes.

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  1. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    so how do we relate the harmattan chicken to this?

    1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

      The expression “spring chicken”

      A spring chicken in its second sense means “a young and inexperienced person”

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    Yo, how come this post received no shine what-so-ever. No traffic, no comments. Were these people sleeping when this thing was written? This is nice people. Why was this post slept on?

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